Shareholder update - June 2018

Welcome to our shareholder update for June 2018.

In this edition of our shareholder update, you can read about: 

  • Our annual general meeting.
  • Our corporate responsibility factsheet.
  • Using dormant assets to make a difference.

For information about our preference shares, including our proposed goodwill payment scheme to preference shareholders, please visit our preference shares page. 

The AGM is a vital opportunity for the Board to listen to your views about Aviva and the performance of the business.  And it’s a chance for us to share with you what we have been doing and how we see the months to come.

The Aviva 2018 Annual General Meeting

We held our Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 10 May at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre in Westminster. 

You can find out more about what happened on the day, including the full voting results on our shareholder meetings and archive page. Below is the video of our Group CEO, Mark Wilson's speech from the day. 

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Our corporate responsibility factsheet

Using dormant assets to make a difference

Later this year we’ll be working to unlock dormant assets on our share register by selling the shares of lost shareholders. We’ll hold the proceeds made from selling the shares in a charitable foundation. The foundation will fund projects to promote financial education, community investment and responsible and sustainable corporate behaviour. We’ll let you know more about the foundation in future shareholder updates.

We’ll only sell shares where a shareholder has not been in touch with us, or claimed any dividends paid by us, for at least twelve years. Before any shares are sold, we’ll be working with Georgeson to try to trace our lost shareholders so that they can claim their outstanding dividends and update their details. You can find out more about Georgeson’s efforts to find our lost shareholders on our shareholder updates page.

Useful links for shareholders

Useful links for shareholders

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