Aviva Capital Partners

"Investing for the future is vital for our customers and it’s vital for the UK. Aviva Capital Partners acts as a catalyst for projects that can generate income for our customers over long periods of time. These projects can provide great benefits to society – everything from the regeneration of towns and cities and social housing through to investment in green energy, and it takes Aviva to deliver them."

John Cummins, CEO Aviva Capital Partners

Where we can invest

We invest to make places and communities more prosperous, inclusive and sustainable. This includes:

  • Regeneration, whether large sites, town and city centre renewal or working to redevelop major assets
  • Delivering homes, be it build-to-rent, affordable or for sale
  • Partnering with universities and the public sector to enable research and innovation
  • Building place-based infrastructure like heat and local energy networks
  • Supporting decarbonisation through smart networks, mobility and connectivity solutions

We work across the UK and Ireland, partnering with developers, institutions and governments who share our ambition

An insight into what we do

South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority (SYMCA) and Aviva partnership to drive economic growth

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Aviva hosts a showcase of £30bn of investible opportunities in the North East

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Meet the team

John Cummins

CEO Aviva Capital Partners

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Fahad Sayood

COO Aviva Capital Partners

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Mark Bousfield

Sector Head for Cities and Government, Aviva Capital Partners

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Andrew Farrimond

Sector Head for Infrastructure, Aviva Capital Partners

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Sophie White

Sector Head for Regeneration, Aviva Capital Partners

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