Innovation at Aviva

"We are experiencing significant shifts in the world – including societal, political, economic, technological, and environmental. These trends are changing the way people live, and will live, and this will fundamentally impact our industry. The innovation agenda at Aviva is a key part of how we will execute our strategy and better support customer needs, and is an important step towards our ambition of becoming the UK’s leading insurer." 

Ben Luckett – Chief Innovation Officer

Aviva Hackathon 2023

Get ready to witness innovation in action at this year's Aviva Hackathon 2023! An event where brilliant minds collide to revolutionize the future. With a fusion of cutting-edge technology, boundless creativity, and collaborative spirit, our hackathon promises to break barriers, challenge norms, and redefine what's possible in the world of insurance and delivered. In partnership with Amazon Web Services and Tata Consulting services we supported colleagues to think of the future differently to support our customers to a better future.

This is where ideas transformed into reality and where the extraordinary becomes the new standard.

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Transcript  for video Aviva Hackathon 2023

So this year's hackathon, the hackathon for Aviva 2023, we started to really think about what we wanted.

This year's hackathon looked like how big we wanted to go, and we have gone big.

The hackathon is really, really important as an organization.

If we want to innovate, if we want to stay ahead, we need to make sure that we get creative ideas that people are curious.

And something like a hackathon means that we can deliver something really quickly that meets our customer needs and an exciting event for our colleagues as well.

Hi, my name's Harriet.

I'm part of the innovation team at Aviva and I'm one of the mentors.

Each of the mentors is to find a team that we can help support for at the event.

So it's my job to help them think about the customer and what their needs are, help them get ready for the break presentation and hope that they win.

Our idea is to help people find their career path.

So I'm going through like an interactively quiz.

Understanding what their hobbies and interests are outside of work, and then helping them to apply that to a role that would be suitable for them.

I'm Gabby and I'm part of the policy vault team today.

It's been really exciting meeting everyone in person for the first time, getting our heads together and trying to finalise the solution.

It's going really well.

We've still got lots to do before the presentation tomorrow, but hopefully we'll all go smoothly.

Day 2, It's the finale.

My name is Nathan Garlic.

I work for Amazon Web Services, and I've been leading our relationship now with Aviva for the last two years.

So we're really excited to support the hackathon.

And we've also committed that we'll support them beyond the hackathon, ensuring those ideas actually start to have a material impact on their customers.

All the competitors were superb.

It was very, very difficult to make a decision.

It was nice to see that Aviva is so forward thinking and values the customer.

So the winner is AutoClaim.

It feels good.

A lot of work's gone into it.

Ultimately what we've proven it's a it's a genuine customer need here.

It's something that we need to help customers with.

Insurance is genuinely to be a very active business one way St.

This is an opportunity for Aviva to give back and be there for our customers.

I don't think I can take it in yet.

It's just fantastic.

The whole team's worked so hard to get to this stage.

The fact that we got chosen as winners and just absolutely made-up.

So yeah, great.

Let's turn this into reality now and make the difference to the customers we want to make.

Our themes

  • Mobility: building traction in the emerging new models of transport, ownership, and related services.
  • Prevention: transforming the insurance business model from claim to prevent helping customers protect their assets.
  • Wellbeing: Finding meaningful solutions at the intersection of financial, physical, and mental wellbeing.
  • Wealth: Helping customers build for a more certain and sustainable financial future.
  • Open finance: Participating in the new world of data and technology led commerce and embedded finance.
  • New services: creating new revenue streams and new adjacent business opportunities.
  • Data & AI: transforming the way we look at and use data to unlock the value of Big Data.

Venture investments

Aviva Ventures is the corporate venture capital fund for Aviva plc. We are focussed on financial and strategic returns and make direct and indirect investments that bring us new opportunities, ideas and emerging technology and customer trends that have the potential to:

  • be transformative to the existing insurance business model
  • accelerate our strategy
  • provide insights into how Aviva will need to adapt to the changing landscape

We’re a strategic corporate venture fund. This means that along with long-term value creation, we want to develop a strategic relationship with those we invest in, and provide them with expertise, global reach and scale.

Portfolio companies

Here are some of the companies our venture capital fund, Aviva Ventures, invests in: 

Owlstone Medical

Owlstone’s mission is to save 100,000 lives and save health care providers $1.5B. 


Shepper carries out on-demand inspections on properties and assets through a network of gig-economy ‘Shepherds’.

Carpe Data

Carpe Data is the next generation data company for insurance.

Partnerships & the Fintech Pledge

Core to innovation at Aviva is working with partners in the Insurtech & Fintech ecosystem. The businesses that we work with bring disruptive ideas and technologies to Aviva, they help us to think differently and move at pace.

In April 2021, Aviva signed the Fintech Pledge which supports our ongoing collaboration with fintech and Aviva’s development in this area. The benefits and opportunities that come from working with the right start ups are significant and not to be underestimated. Fintech is a key part of how we are transforming our business to serve our customers more effectively. Partnering with start ups ensures we are always learning, challenging ourselves and improving as a business.

When working with start ups we hold ourselves to the Fintech Pledge principles:

The Fintech Pledge Principles

1. Provide clear guidance to technology firms on how the onboarding process works

2. Provide clarity to tech start-up firms on their progress through the onboarding process

3. Provide a named contact, guidance and feedback

4. Encourage good practice and improvement

5. Commit to implementing this process 6 months from signing this pledge and providing bi-annual feedback in the first year

Founders Factory partnership, UK

Founders Factory is a venture studio and accelerator that has helped create and develop over 200 start-ups. Aviva has been Founders Factory’s strategic partner in fintech since 2016. In 2021, we announced a new £10 million investment and a five-year extension to our partnership, to support new start-ups in the UK.

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