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It takes Aviva

Whether it's protecting what matters most to people or helping them shape a future they dream of, we have the breadth and the expertise for whatever they need.

We can serve our customers across their full range of needs - securing their and their families' future - and we are the only business of our kind in the UK to do so.

Lorraine's story – it takes putting our customers first

Lorraine works as a mortgage and protection adviser. When she was diagnosed with COVID-19, she ended up in hospital with pneumonia in both lungs.

After a call with Aviva, she learnt that she was able to make a hospital benefit claim on her income protection policy. She said, “it really did help me financially, but also emotionally”. Because it allowed her to take more time off to recover from the illness, she said “it gave me that security to not worry”.

She also took advantage of the rehabilitation service when she was out of hospital, which offered a listening ear and meant that she didn’t feel alone. She’s now fully recovered and feeling “fantastic”.

Hailstorms in Calgary – support in lockdown

Hailstones the size of tennis balls battered the city. The damage was so great it became the fourth most expensive insured natural disaster in Canadian history.

Most of the damage was to people’s homes and vehicles, things like, smashed windows and shattered windshields. As the storm subsided, the clean-up began, and so did the calls from customers who needed our help.

Our dedicated claims team

Despite being in the midst of lockdown due to the COVID-19 outbreak, our Canadian claims team has been working fully remotely, handling inspections and estimates for customers. Our service level has remained excellent throughout, and we’re continuing to support our customers through the claims journey to help them get back to normal quickly.

Our customers are making choices about the most precious aspects of their life; how to look after their homes, their health, their family, their business, how to save and invest their money and how they will pay for the life they want as they get older.

We paid our customers £30.2 billion during 2021 in claims and benefits.

Lisa's story – helping customers

Lisa from our claims team in York takes calls from people who need to make critical illness or death claims. 

In this video you can hear from Lisa, and see how she and her colleagues help our customers.

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Claims assessor, Lisa: My name's Lisa Jordan and I work on the claims assessment team in York.

I deal with inbound calls from customers regarding death claims or critical illnesses. Some customers just want to give you the information and get off the telephone and other customers really need like a phone hug and just somebody on the other end of the phone to reassure them.

It's about the customer and putting them at ease at such a difficult time.

[Start of excerpt from a call between Lisa and a distressed widower]

Claims assessor, Lisa: "We can look at paying the funeral bill out of the funds."

Aviva customer: "That will be extremely kind."

Claims assessor, Lisa: "I'll ring him now and let him know what's happening."

[End of excerpt from a call between Lisa and a distressed widower]

Claims assessor, Lisa: Doing my job on a daily basis is living the Aviva values. We're always looking at ways to simplify the processes for the customers, which is killing complexity. We definitely care more, always with the customer on the telephone. We never rest, we're always looking at ways to improve things. I'm always trying to encourage friends to take policies out. I feel quite passionate about what we do. 

I do love my job, I love speaking to customers, and helping them, and I get real job satisfaction out of the fact that when they get off the telephone, I know that they're going away feeling comforted.

[Resumption of excerpt from a call between Lisa and a distressed widower] 

Aviva customer: "Lisa, I can't tell you how much I appreciate all your kindness..."

Claims assessor, Lisa: "Aww... thank you. Don't start crying again, you're going to make me upset"

Aviva customer: "Yes."

[End of excerpt from a call between Lisa and a distressed widower]

[End frame: "We are Aviva aviva.com"]