Our customers

Our customers

Our customers don’t have to worry about the bumps in life’s road. They can count on us to help plan the journey.

We help people from Norwich to Naples save for the future, navigate retirement and insure what matters to them. People like those affected by the hailstorms that hit Canada on June 13 2020. 

Hailstorms in Calgary - support in lockdown

Hailstones the size of tennis balls battered the city. The damage was so great it became the fourth most expensive insured natural disaster in Canadian history.

Most of the damage was to people’s homes and vehicles, things like, smashed windows and shattered windshields. As the storm subsided, the clean-up began, and so did the calls from customers who needed our help.

Despite being in the midst of lockdown due to the COVID-19 outbreak, our Canadian claims team has been working fully remotely, handling inspections and estimates for customers. Our service level has remained excellent throughout, and we’re continuing to support our customers through the claims journey to help them get back to normal quickly.

In 2019 we paid our customers £33.2 billion (as at 30 June 2020) in claims and benefits.

Our 33.4 million customers are making choices about the most precious aspects of their life; how to look after their homes, their health, their family, their business, how to save and invest their money and how they will pay for the life they want as they get older.

Lisa's story - helping customers

Lisa from our claims team in York takes calls from people who need to make critical illness or death claims. 

In this video you can hear from Lisa, and see how she and her colleagues help our customers.

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Weathering the storm – our response to Storms Ciara and Dennis

Aviva exists to be with people when it really matters. We’re here to help them make the most of life and stand strong by their side through the good and the bad.

Recent storms in the UK are timely reminders of our purpose: with you today, for a better tomorrow.

When storms Ciara and Dennis hit in February 2020, our people worked around the clock to provide support to thousands of customers whose homes and businesses were flooded.

Our focus on delivering great service and great outcomes for customers remains unchanged over the last 300+ years. And it’s our financial strength, that will enable us to keep caring more for our customers, today, tomorrow and beyond.