A heart-warming gift

Whitney's story

When Whitney’s car was broken into, she wasn’t so much concerned about the car. But she was heartbroken over what was stolen from the backseat.

Melanie in our auto claims team in Canada took the call from Whitney, our customer, in early December. Thieves had stolen $250 worth of gifts from the backseat of her car.

The gifts were wrapped ready to be donated to children and mothers fleeing domestic violence at Crossroads shelter in Moncton, Canada. Whitney was heartbroken.

Watch this short, heart-warming film to find out what Melanie did next:

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Customer film transcript – Canada Crossroads

That is amazing. That can help sponsor three more families…

[On December 1st, our Auto Claims department received a call from a customer in Moncton, NB whose car had just been broken into. The customer wasn’t so much concerned about the car, but heartbroken over the fact that what was in it was stolen.]

Melanie: Hi, Whitney, it’s Melanie, I’m calling you back from Aviva.

Whitney: Hey, Melanie.

Melanie: Whitney, I’m calling because I have some very exciting, happy news.

Whitney: Ok.

Melanie: Remember you told me that you were preparing gifts to give to Crossroads shelter?

[In the back seat of the car was $250 worth of Christmas gifts, wrapped and ready to be donated to the children and mothers fleeing domestic violence at Crossroads for Women in Moncton…]

Whitney: Yes.

Melanie: What we ended up doing was sending out an email to a whole bunch of our colleagues.

And our staff, they all contributed.

Whitney: I’m going to cry. That’s so nice.

Melanie: Yeah, but the good news is, Aviva has a double matching programme so we’re going to have at least $1,500 for Crossroads.

Whitney:Oh my gosh! That is amazing. That can help sponsor three more families easily at Christmas. The only thing I said about this whole thing was, I was like, I just hope something good comes from it. Like, that would make going through it so much better so please send a big, huge thank you email to everyone that helped. That’s really incredible.

[Since this call, a total of $680 has been raised by our people at Aviva Canada. Thanks to our employee double matching programme, we were able to gift $2,040 to the women and children at Crossroads.]

Being able to help a worthy organization like Crossroads for Women was a wonderful experience for our team this Christmas. I felt very emotional making that call to Whitney! We are lucky to have a creative problem-solver like Jamie MacKenzie for a Claims Leader. He is the one who helped me figure out a way to make all this happen.

Across Canada, colleagues like Melanie are committed to being there for our customers when they need us most - supporting our purpose to be with you today, for a better tomorrow.

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