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In this section you can find all the information and contact details you need to manage your shares. Use the links below to find out about your dividends, managing your shares online, shareholder meetings and our quarterly shareholder update.

Please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions about the site by sending an email to aviva.shareholders@aviva.com.

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Hello and welcome to the Aviva Shareholder services section of the Aviva website.

My name is George Culmer, your Chair.

First up, thank you for investing in Aviva and for placing your trust in us. We’ll do all we can to live up to that responsibility, delivering on our promise to our customers, and to you, our shareholders.

Here on your section of the website, you’ll find all the information you need about dividends, news on how we’re performing, details of shareholder meetings, including our Annual General Meetings, and any updates you might need to be aware of.

Now part of our responsibility as a leading UK company is to run ourselves as a sustainable business.

We therefore want to be as efficient as possible in looking after your needs and avoid unnecessary printing and postage.

That means we’re trying make it as easy as possible for you to deal with us online.

And please take time now to look at how you can view and manage your shareholding, keep your personal information updated and tell us how you would like us to contact you and pay dividends.

If you have any feedback for us, please get in touch by emailing aviva.shareholders@aviva.com

Many thanks again for supporting Aviva. 

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