Warning to shareholders

Be ScamSmart

Investment scams are designed to look like normal investments. Don’t get caught out.

Spot the warning signs. Have you been...

  • contacted out of the blue
  • offered significantly more than market value for your shares
  • promised tempting returns
  • promised an investment is safe
  • called repeatedly
  • told the offer is only available for a limited time?

If so you might have been contacted by fraudsters.

Avoid share fraud

  • Reject cold calls - if you've been cold-called with an offer to buy or sell shares, chances are it's a high-risk investment or a scam. Treat it with extreme caution.
  • Check the firm on the Financial Services Register - a public record of all the firms and individuals in the financial services industry that are regulated by the FCA.
  • Get impartial advice - before you hand over any money, seek advice from someone unconnected to the firm that has approached you.
  • Don’t use unauthorised firms to buy or sell shares or investments. If things go wrong, you won’t be protected by the Financial Ombudsman Service or Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).
  • Find out more about how to avoid being a victim of share fraud at the FCA website.

Protect yourself

  • Keep your Shareholder Reference Number and Investor Centre username and password secure. Just like you would for your bank account details and PIN.
  • Never share your personal shareholder details with unexpected callers.
  • If you have any concerns about your Aviva shares, email avivashares@computershare.co.uk.