We aim to help build stronger communities

We are focused on helping our customers and communities build resilience to climate, financial and health shocks.

Our customers have the flexibility to reduce their cover and monthly payments through payment-deferral. We also offer a range of affordable motor and home propositions through Quote Me Happy Essentials.

We contribute an average of 2% of our Group Adjusted Operating Profit to community investment.

The Aviva Community Fund helps raise money for community projects across the UK with a combination of match-funding donations, partner donations and crowdfunding.

Our independent charity, the Aviva Foundation 1 is also focused on helping people become more financially secure.

Throughout 2023, our people delivered over 87,599 hours of volunteering.

Our aims:

  • >13% (and growing) UK population preparing for retirement and retiring with Aviva 2
  • 2% of annual profits invested in the community 3

We’re focused on achieving these through four key areas:

  • Investments & underwriting
  • Purposeful propositions
  • People & Operations
  • Extending Impact & Voice.

Building financial resilience

Through the Aviva Community Fund and our partnerships with Citizens Advice and the Money Advice Trust, we're helping people to build financial resilience across the UK.

Discover financial resilience support for you and your community.

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It takes investment

Aviva is investing in UK infrastructure and real estate to help our economy and communities bounce back. We invest in the UK’s regions and cities to build vital and sustainable infrastructure. This investment will play a role in the creation of jobs across the country and as at 31 December 2023 we had invested £9.5 billion against our 2020 baseline.

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Purposeful propositions

In our core markets - UK, Ireland and Canada - we have 19.2 million (as at 31 December 2023) customers. Every one of them has their own priorities and concerns. We exist to help them protect what’s important to them and to shape their futures. We look after our customers whatever life throws at them and try to prevent some of those problems from happening in the first place.

Offering products to protect and inspire

Our products and services across the world enable our customers to be more environmentally responsible or give them easier access to the protection they need for themselves and their families. Find out more about some of our environmentally responsible products and services.

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If money talks, what does your spending say about you?

Aviva’s responsible business approach in the UK is assessed and accredited by two independent organisations, The Good Shopping Guide Ethical Company Award and The Good Business Charter.

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Taking complaints seriously

We know that we don’t always get it right and we take any complaints and feedback we receive seriously and investigate them thoroughly. Our customer service commitment is reflected in the Customer Experience Business Standard all our markets abide by.

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How we protect UK customers’ personal data

We help people protect what’s important to them and save for a comfortable future. To do this, we need to use some of our customers’ personal data.

Our UK Customer Data Charter explains how we protect UK customers' personal data and the rules about how it’s shared.

Read our Data Charter

Dormant assets

Despite companies’ best efforts, millions of ‘lost pounds’ go unclaimed. We support the UK Government’s Dormant Assets Commission’s objective of financial services companies’ protecting customer’s rights by trying to find them and reuniting them with their funds.

First and foremost, this is customers’ money. However, when funds are truly dormant, we’re hoping to find ways to make better use of the money for societal good.

Microinsurance with Lemonade

We understand that traditional insurance may not be right for everyone and firmly believe we all have the right to protection that serves our individual needs. That’s why we’ve partnered with Lemonade as their re-insurer in the UK. Lemonade offers contents insurance that is designed to be low cost and flexible. Additionally, their social impact business model means any additional profit from unclaimed premiums is donated back to the community. We hope our partnership with them empowers the underserved renter’s market and paves the way for more inclusive insurance.

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Low-cost income protection

Under 10% of people in the UK have income protection. People on lower incomes or with less savings are more vulnerable to falling into financial distress following an income loss. This income protection product is simple and affordable, allowing these audiences easy access to measures that increase their financial resilience.

Find out more about our Living Costs Protection

Contents cover for Social Housing tenants

Renters in low-income households’ can risk financial distress. One of the reasons for this is that a lack of insurance can prompt the use of credit to replace household losses. Our social housing contents cover with AON offers an affordable and accessible option to help low-income households increase their financial resilience.

Contents cover for Social Housing tenants distributed by AON

Free health and wellbeing support

We offer free access to DigiCare+ to all Aviva protection customers. This extends our traditional offering to include health and bereavement support which aims to proactively helps customers increase their resilience and better their well-being.

DigiCare+ for all protection customers

Protecting vulnerable customers

A vulnerable customer is someone who, due to their personal circumstances, is especially susceptible to harm. Any customer can become vulnerable due to a change in circumstances, and we take our responsibility for protecting these customers, and making sure financial products work well for them, seriously.

We have vulnerability champions and training to help support customer service, and product design. Our policies mean that when we create or review products, we take vulnerable customer needs into account and can be flexible with support for people facing financial difficulty.

We aim to improve the accessibility of our services using tools and key partnerships. SignLive offers free British interpreters for home, car and workplace pension questions and claims, and Plain Numbers helps support our customers with low financial capability. Our digital product teams ensure the needs of people with disabilities are considered in research, design, and development activities.

Through our partnership with Macmillan, customers experiencing cancer can get the right emotional, clinical and financial support as part of their claims process. We also signpost customers with challenges around financial resilience to partners Citizens Advice and Money Advice Trust.

Supporting Customers with the Cost of-Living

With the growth in inflation leaving many struggling, we want to ensure our customers can keep valuable cover in place

See how we can support you with Life Insurance payments

Click here for more information on cost-of-living support for UK Customers

Additional free support

Free life insurance for new parents

One year of free Life Cover for parents with children under the age of 4 to help increase financial resilience in those early years.

Find out more on how to apply

Midlife MOT

A free check-up for wealth, work and wellbeing for people aged 45-60 to help them plan for later life

Read more about our mid-life MOTs

People & Operations

Aviva has been taking care of people for more than 300 years.

We live in the same streets and work in the same towns. We recognise the strength that comes from our connection to one another and are deeply invested in our communities.

As a multinational company and one of the UK’s largest companies we play an important part in the economies and societies in which we operate through the taxes we pay. In 2022/23 we were the 11th largest taxpayer in the UK4 and we pay additional amounts of tax to governments around the world. As well as paying all taxes due on our profits, we make considerable tax contributions through sales and payroll taxes. In 2023 our global tax contribution was £3.3 billion.

As well as looking after our customers, our people continue to play a vital role in community activity, fully demonstrating one of Aviva’s values: Care. Everyone is entitled to paid volunteer leave, in total our people have given 87,599 volunteering hours to help others in 2023.

Extending Impact & Voice

We recognise the importance of contributing to our communities through community investment and long-term partnerships.

Aviva and WWF

In 2021, Aviva and WWF announced a new three-year partnership which will see us taking action to create a better tomorrow.

British Red Cross

We’ve partnered with the British Red Cross since 2016 to help communities become safer and stronger in times of uncertainty and crisis.

Aviva Community Fund

Through the Aviva Community Fund in the UK, we support small causes that are taking action in the face of climate change and helping people to take control of their financial wellbeing.

Aviva Foundation

In the UK, the Aviva Foundation1 continued to invest unclaimed assets of shareholders through grants to charities and social enterprises.

Citizens Advice and Money Advice Trust

Aviva, Citizens Advice and Money Advice Trust have partnered to increase the financial resilience of people across the UK. It aims to deliver advice and support to people and SMEs so that they can look forward with confidence.

Building Future Communities

In our Building Future Communities reports and campaign work we set out a series of policy asks to help the UK build more sustainably for the future to help UK customers and their homes withstand increasingly extreme weather.

1 The Aviva Foundation is administered by Charities Trust under charity registration number 327489

2 Adult population only (over 18 years)

3 Percentage of core market profit only

Based on PwC analysis of the 100 Group Total Tax Contribution Survey, December 2023.