Backing local causes and charities building financial resilience

Every day across the UK, amazing local causes and national charities are helping people to build their financial resilience.

Nobody knows what a community needs better than its people. That’s why the Aviva Community Fund matches every individual donation projects receive up to £250 (eligibility and match funding rules apply). The Aviva Community Fund also gives causes access to volunteers, as well as tools and resources to help build their capabilities and achieve long-term sustainable success.

Know a local cause building financial resilience near you?

Since 2015, the Aviva Community Fund has donated over £12,000,000 to support more than 8,000 local causes. Funding is available for organisations looking to raise up to £50,000, and eligible causes can apply at any time (terms and conditions apply).

Aviva Community Fund UK map

Explore our map to see some of the amazing projects in your local area which have successfully fundraised through the Aviva Community Fund since 2020. 

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Get support

We know local causes and national charities are needed to give communities support with financial issues. That’s why we help Citizens Advice and the Money Advice Trust, two of the UK’s leading financial support and debt advice charities.

Through these partnerships we’re increasing the capacity of frontline support services so more individuals and businesses dealing with financial pressures can get the right support to find a way forward.

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Transcript  for video Mariam shares an example of someone Citizens Advice has helped

I’ll give you an example of a client I actually dealt with during COVID, and I'll always remember this because this guy was dismissed unfairly from work after 15 years. 

But the client couldn't read and write, was slightly illiterate and didn't understand  forms and things that he was given. You know, “sign this.” And he’d just sign.

After I heard his story, I knew that he wasn't dealt with in the right way. He couldn't be instantly dismissed.

We managed to get him three months... because he'd been there for 15 years... they were only going to give him one week's notice pay.

So in the end, the end story would be that he got three months pay and he got severance of £10,000.

And to me, whilst it took me three months to deal from beginning to end... You think, ‘that is the reason why you're here today.’ To help these people who have no voice, who don't understand forms, perhaps people who find things, simple things, quite intimidating.

Whereas perhaps myself and people who work in [Citizens Advice] simple things to us could be dealt with very quickly

Citizens Advice

Free, confidential and impartial help for individuals needing support with bills, debt, benefits, housing and more.

Aviva is supporting Citizens Advice with £7m over two years, so they can help 4,500 more people a month.

See more about Citizens Advice and Aviva.

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Money Advice Trust

Money Advice Trust’s Business Debtline is the only free debt-advice service for small businesses and the self-employed in the UK.

Aviva is supporting Money Advice Trust’s Business Debtline by putting £2m into frontline services over two years. The funding allowed the charity to help an additional 5,556 small businesses between January 2023 and October 2023.

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Get involved

Charities and local causes often need more than funding alone. Like many people in our communities, we love volunteering, and our people get three days of paid volunteering leave every year. ​

If you have a passion to help others with their financial resilience, why not consider volunteering with Citizens Advice?