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From Norwich to Nova Scotia, over 24,000 (as at 31 December 2022) people work for Aviva. We asked just a few of them to share their reflections on how we lived up to our purpose – With you today, for a better tomorrow – in 2020. In this short film, you’ll hear about some of the amazing things we achieved together in what was an extraordinary year. 

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Do I start open or closed?

Aviva Purpose film.

A year on since we launched our Purpose - With you today, for a better tomorrow - our people reflect on an extraordinary year.

So, these guys are one of the projects we’ve supported through our Aviva Community Fund.

This is what I was talking about – getting to know my team in new ways.

Seeing people’s home life, I think, has brought us closer together.

We did the virtual Pride activities and that was amazing.

Based on one of the funds that we’ve just launched called the Sustainable Income and Growth Fund.

Am I proud of how Aviva has lived up to our purpose in 2020? Absolutely.

I think Aviva’s purpose came to life in 2020.

The purpose really brings clarity.

A great example was it took us just two weeks to agree a £10m donation to the British Red Cross to support people who are being impacted by the Covid pandemic.

I've never seen us move that fast and I think the Purpose unlocked that.

We’ve just funded £400m to help with the construction of the Hornsea 1 offshore wind farm.

Now, that’s going to generate electricity for a million people here in the UK.

So, we’re clearly investing in something that’s going to build a better tomorrow.

But it’s also building better outcomes for our clients.

Aviva Stadium is a pillar stone in Irish society. During the pandemic, it transitioned into a COVID-19 testing centre.

We also lit the stadium up in the red and green colours of the Health Service Executive in support of our frontline workers during the pandemic, so I suppose it’s seen as a beacon of hope for people in Ireland.

We celebrated Black History Month in October.

We had some fantastic activity; we had some education lessons, so we had an external teacher come in and teach from primary and secondary education – lessons specifically on black history, which we’ve never done before, and the engagement was fantastic.

The absolute highlight of our achievements this year was the way that our national claims team came together.

They virtually put a pandemic unit overnight to service our Covid claims.

We had 11,000 claims, we had hundreds of employees put up their hand to volunteer to do jobs they’ve never done before, to work together towards one common goal.

I never feel caught between what should we do for Aviva and what should we do for the customer because that felt like the same thing.

We respond really, really well in a crisis and we’ve got to bring that agility and pace and just coming together as a team and as a business into our ‘business as usual’.

A line sticks out in my head, which is how we finished it, which is “ní neart go cur le cheile” in Irish which means there is no strength without unity. I think that kind of sums up everything, that everybody was going through at the time.

The benefit is clear just by how resilient people have been this year.

I think, because we had a clear purpose and because we had our company behind us, we pulled together.

We’ve all got a role to play in 2021.

I’ve been in Aviva for 16 years and I’ve never felt as positive about the future of the group as I do now.

If we’ve achieved what we’ve achieved in 2020, I’m excited for what’s to come in 2021 With you today, for a better tomorrow.

Our values: care, commitment, community, and confidence shape our culture too. A culture which encourages innovation, experimentation and learning in order to deliver for our customers. 

If we all take pride in Aviva's values, we'll all be working together towards the same goals - collaboration makes for a much stronger team. Each year we carry out an all-employee global survey. We ask our people to tell us where we're strong and where we need to improve.

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Diversity, equity and inclusion

We believe everyone at Aviva should be able to be themselves.

Creating a diverse, inclusive organisation is a fundamental part of living up to our purpose of being with you today, for a better tomorrow. It means being there for all our people, serving all our customers well, and helping to contribute to fairer, more equal communities.

Read more about our approach to diversity, equity and inclusion.

Our people approach

Our focus is on enabling our people to deliver Aviva’s promises by:

  • Driving a high performance customer-focussed culture.
  • Being sustainable, including and representative of the diverse communities we serve.
  • Upskilling and reskilling our people to deliver the business strategy now and in the future.
  • Embedding risk management in every colleague’s role and responsibilitiess.

Equal paid parental leave for Aviva employees

We give our people in the UK, Ireland and Canada equal paid parental leave. Regardless of your gender, sexual orientation or how you become a parent – birth, adoption or surrogacy – you’re entitled to the same amount of paid and unpaid time off.

Since we launched it in 2017, we’ve learnt a lot. Watch our video to find out more and see the impact it’s had for some of our people: 

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