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Latest share price (GBX)

21 Feb 16:35 PM GMT


Last close (GBX)

20 Feb 00:00 AM GMT


Interim dividend (GBp)

Paid on 17 Nov 2017


Type Payment Date Dividend pence per share
interim 17 Nov 17 8.40 GBp
final 17 May 17 15.88 GBp
interim 17 Nov 16 7.42 GBp
final 17 May 16 14.05 GBp
interim 17 Nov 15 6.75 GBp
final 15 May 15 12.25 GBp
interim 17 Nov 14 5.85 GBp
final 16 May 14 9.40 GBp
interim 15 Nov 13 5.60 GBp
final 17 May 13 9.00 GBp
interim 16 Nov 12 10.00 GBp
final 17 May 12 16.00 GBp
interim 17 Nov 11 10.00 GBp
final 17 May 11 16.00 GBp
interim 17 Nov 10 9.50 GBp
final 17 May 10 15.00 GBp
interim 17 Nov 09 9.00 GBp
final 15 May 09 19.91 GBp
interim 17 Nov 08 13.09 GBp
final 16 May 08 21.10 GBp
interim 16 Nov 07 11.90 GBp
final 17 May 07 19.18 GBp
interim 17 Nov 06 10.82 GBp
final 17 May 05 16.00 GBp
interim 17 Nov 04 9.36 GBp
Share price information delivered by VWD
Full year 2017 results 08 Mar 2018
8 ⅜ % preference shares payment date* 31 Mar 2018
2017 final dividend record date* 06 Apr 2018
2017 final dividend payment date* 17 May 2018
8 ¾ % preference shares payment date* 30 Jun 2018
2018 interim dividend record date* 17 Aug 2018
2018 interim dividend payment date* 24 Sep 2018
8 ⅜ % preference shares payment date* 30 Sep 2018
8 ¾ % preference shares payment date* 31 Dec 2018
Capital Markets Day 2017 30 Nov 2017
2017 interim dividend payment date (The ADR payment date will be 22 November 2017) 17 Nov 2017
Last date for DRIP election for 2017 interim dividend (by close of business) 27 Oct 2017
Record date for 2017 interim dividend 06 Oct 2017
Half year 2017 results 03 Aug 2017
2016 final dividend payment date (The ADR payment date will be 23 May 2017) 17 May 2017
Annual General Meeting 2017 10 May 2017
Last date for DRIP election for 2016 final dividend (by close of business) 25 Apr 2017
Record date for 2016 final dividend 07 Apr 2017
Ex-dividend date for 2016 final dividend 06 Apr 2017

*Any dates marked with an asterisk are provisional and may be subject to change

For the full dividend timetable, see our Dividends page.

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