Frequently asked questions

What is an AGM?

AGM stands for Annual General Meeting, which the Company is required to hold each year. Every year the Company’s board of directors invites its shareholders to attend the meeting. Details of the latest AGM can be found on the AGM page.

How can I find out about the AGM?

Shareholders are automatically notified about the AGM in March or April each year. Depending on the communication elections made, shareholders will either receive a hard copy of the Notice of Meeting or will be notified either by post or by e-mail when the document is available for viewing on the Company’s website. For more information on previous AGMs, view the AGM page.

What is discussed at an AGM?

At the AGM there is a presentation on the Company’s performance over the previous financial year and shareholders are given the opportunity to vote on key matters such as approving the annual report and accounts, the final dividend per share and the re-election of directors. Shareholders are also given the opportunity to ask the directors questions relating to the business of the meeting.

If you are unable to attend the Annual General Meeting then you can submit your votes via proxy.

What happened at the last AGM?

Documents from the last AGM can be viewed, along with other information about the meeting on the AGM page.

American Depositary Receipt

Can ADR holders attend AGMs?

ADR holders wishing to attend the Company’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) or other such meetings may do so by informing Aviva or Citibank in writing of their intention to attend within the required timescales. Details of Aviva’s latest AGM can be found on the AGM page.

Who can vote at the AGM?

Citibank, as depositary for Aviva plc shall fix a record date (the “ADS Record Date”) for the determination of the ADR holders who shall be entitled to give instructions for the exercise of voting rights at the Company’s Annual General Meeting or other such meetings.

Can I vote online?

Registered ADR holders can vote online or by telephone by following the instructions provided in their ADR voting materials that will be sent to them by the Company’s depositary, Citibank. Holders, who hold their shares via a bank, broker or nominee account, may also vote online. This online voting service is provided by Broadridge, a vendor hired by brokers to distribute all shareholder documentation to the beneficial holders and to tabulate their votes. This service is accessible by following the instructions provided by Broadridge prior to the meeting and the established voting deadline date for ADR holders.

Preference Shareholder

Can I attend the Company’s Annual General Meeting?

Holders of preference shares do not form part of the equity capital of the Company. Only equity shareholders have a right to attend and speak at a general meeting of the Company. As a preference shareholder you may only do so if the actual fixed dividend payments are in arrears.