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The committee assists the Board in its oversight of financial reporting to ensure that the full year, half-year and quarterly financial statements are suitable for publication. 

The committee also provides assurance over the integrity of the Group's financial and non-financial reporting (NFR) including climate-related disclosures. Together with the Risk committee, it monitors the effectiveness of the internal control environment over financial and non-financial reporting.

The committee monitors the effectiveness, performance, objectivity and independence of our internal and external auditors. The committee also monitors our whistleblowing arrangements.

The committee comprises independent Non-Executive Directors only and meets at least four times each year.


Patrick Flynn (Chair) (appointed 16 July 2019)1
Ian Clark (appointed 11 March 2024)
Jim McConville (appointed 01 December 2020)
Shonaid Jemmett-Page (appointed 14 February 2022)
Andrea Blance (appointed 21 February 2022)

1 Chair from 06 November 2019.

The following officers normally attend, by invitation, all meetings of the committee:

  • Group Chair
  • Group CEO
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief Audit Officer
  • Representatives of external auditor.

Other members of senior management are also invited to attend as appropriate, to present reports.

The Board is satisfied that Andrea Blance, Shonaid Jemmett-Page, Martin Strobel, Jim McConville and Patrick Flynn each met the requirements to be an audit committee financial expert in 2022.

Role and responsibilities

The committee acts independently of management, to ensure that the interests of shareholders are properly protected in relation to the financial reporting and the effectiveness of the Group’s systems of internal control over financial reporting.

The main responsibilities of the committee are to assist the Board in discharging its responsibilities for monitoring the:

  • integrity of the Company’s financial and non-financial reporting (NFR) including climate-related disclosures;
  • adequacy and effectiveness of our systems of internal control over financial controls and non-financial reporting and whistleblowing provisions; and,
  • effectiveness, performance and objectivity of our internal and external auditors. 

In performing its duties, the committee has access to the services of the Chief Audit Officer, the Group Company Secretary, senior financial management and external professional advisers.

Read the full terms of reference (PDF 146 KB) for our Audit Committee

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