Perth Solar Project

Powering our future with renewable energy

The challenge

Our research shows 65% of the Scottish public think that businesses are not doing enough to tackle climate change. We take our environmental responsibility very seriously, and that begins with making change in the operations of our own business.


In 2020, with support from the Scottish Government, we launched one of the UK’s largest solar and energy storage initiatives – powered by cutting-edge Tesla Powerpack technology – at our Perth office. Our eco-powered carport features over 3,000 solar panels, 50 new electric vehicle charging points and covers 342 car park spaces. It is one of the largest renewable installations of its kind.

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At Aviva, we’re committed to acting now on climate change through affordable and clean energy.

For a greener future we need reliable, renewable energy.

Twenty-four seven. Three hundred and sixty-five.

We’re proud to present the Aviva Scotland Solar Project.

Featuring over 3,000 solar panels supplying 100% of the site’s energy for up to 5 hours every day.

Plus 50 on-site charging points to help even more of our people switch to electric vehicles.

Created in partnership with the Scottish Government it will save nearly 400 tonnes of carbon emission every year.

That’s the equivalent of powering over 500 homes or a small town with zero emissions.

Day after day. Year after year.

Powering renewable solutions to build a better tomorrow, for us all. 


The Aviva Scotland Solar Project will produce enough power to take our Perth site off the grid for five hours at the busiest times of the day. The project will save nearly 400 tonnes of carbon emissions per year. This ensures we are reducing our carbon emissions in our own operations, whilst also supporting the Scottish Government’s low carbon infrastructure transition programme nationally too.

“The solar carport is a really innovative way to generate green energy, tackle climate change and reduce our environmental impact. It’s ready for the future with the electric vehicle revolution just around the corner. It was great to be able to use a local company whose skill and expertise in this field has delivered this amazing result.”