Our strategy

A refocused Aviva, transforming at pace

We continue to make excellent and rapid strategic progress, right across Aviva. The completion of disposals in France and Italy GI since the half year are significant milestones as we deliver a radically simplified and refocused Aviva.


Our focus is on our strongest and most strategically advantaged businesses in the UK, Ireland and Canada, including Aviva Investors. These are markets where we have leading positions, can generate attractive returns, we have a strong powerful brand and we deliver excellent customer service. We are investing for growth in these markets.


We have fantastic franchises and exceptional long-term relationships with customers and distributors. We will invest in customer experience to provide excellent service and value for money along with delivering profitable growth for our shareholders. We have strong foundations, particularly in the UK. We must build on these foundations and go further to ensure we are top quartile in both value and profitability.

Financial strength

Financial strength, resilience and sustainability are critical to our strategy. We have maintained capital strength, built central liquidity and have clear plans in place to reduce our Solvency II debt leverage below 30% during 2021. After allowing for investment in the business, we expect to return to shareholders surplus capital in excess of 180% of our Solvency II cover ratio.

Targeting sustainable growth

Targets for our core business across UK, Ireland and Canada are:

  • Cumulative cash remittances: over £5 billion between 2021-23, with guidance for £1.8 billion in 2023
  • Cost reduction: £300 million net savings by 2022 with £180m delivered by end 2020
  • Debt leverage: maintain SII debt leverage ratio below 30% (Q3 2021: 28%)
  • Infrastructure and real estate investment in the UK: £10bn over next three years
  • First major insurer globally to target net zero greenhouse emission status by 2040

Watch our Group CEO, Amanda Blanc’s third quarter 2021 trading update film

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