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Aviva Communities

All voices at Aviva deserve to be heard

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Representing our global workforce

Aviva Communities are one of the ways we are working to become a more inclusive organisation. We have established six global employee groups, bringing together a wide range of support networks from across the business.

From mentor programmes and scholarship schemes, to social awareness campaigns, these groups help ensure that all our employees have an equal voice and are fairly represented. 

Our communities are:

AvivAbility – supporting people with visible and invisible disabilities 

Aviva Balance – for gender parity

Aviva Carers – helping carers and parents

Aviva Generations – for workers of all ages

Aviva Origins – celebrating cultural difference, including Race, Ethnicity, religious belief and Social Mobility

Aviva Pride – being yourself at work, LGBT

Shared Ambition

Our CEO is chair of our Global Inclusion Council, bringing together the senior leaders responsible for each community to share and monitor our progress. We recognise that our people may identify with a number of diversity dimensions which is why our Communities work closely together to deepen our inclusion efforts.

Beyond our business

While these groups are primarily focused on our people, supporting internal efforts to become a more inclusive organisation, many initiatives have also had a positive impact on our customers and communities.

Our people

Aviva Generations – Mid-life MOT

Aviva’s Mid-life MOT is designed to support our growing population of over-45s. Launched in 2019, the programme helps to prepare our employees for a fuller working life, encouraging our people to think about their wealth, work and wellbeing. 

Our Generations community played a key role in the pilot process, helping us to test and define the programme.

Today, our MOT is helping boost awareness of how and where our people can get more support on these issues and build their confidence to make more informed decisions.

As a result of its success, we have already trialled the programme with five companies where we provide their workplace pension and plan to offer this to more employers in the future. 

Our customers

Aviva Pride – Non-Gendered Policy documents

Insights from our Pride community revealed that some of our customers, specifically transgender customers, were consistently being mis-gendered over the phone.

Working with our digital team, we developed a proof of concept within Quote Me Happy to help tackle the issue.

Following on from this initiative, the feedback we have received from our customers has been overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the importance of our Communities in strengthening our customer relations.

Our communities

AvivAbility – Partnership with SPD

SPD are a charity that support individuals with disabilities, providing employment opportunities and helping to maximise their potential in mainstream society.

We are continuing to grow this relationship, bringing our Procurement and Marketing teams together to further our support in the local community.