Aviva Community Fund

The Aviva Community Fund supports causes that make a real difference.

You put forward a project that benefits your community, and it could win funding.  

Anyone can submit or vote for a project online. Projects that get enough votes make it to the final judging panel. 

The Aviva Community Fund is up and running now in Canada, France, Hong Kong, Italy, Poland, Singapore, the UK, Vietnam, China and Ireland.

Since its launch in 2009, the Aviva Community Fund has awarded more than £9.3m of funding to more than 1,800 winners. We now give hundreds of organisations across ten countries the chance to win funding to make a difference in their local communities.

“We’re so excited that you would choose us because you’re giving our programme vitality.” Aviva Community Fund winners.

Our community fund is operating in ten countries, CanadaFrance, Hong Kong, Italy, Poland, Singapore, the UK, Vietnam, China and Ireland.

Find out more about the Aviva Community Fund in this infographic.

It’s not just about prize funds 

Each year, we review our submission categories to make sure they cover the issues our customers care about most, like the environment or health and wellbeing. 

We help the projects develop their social media and digital marketing skills too.

Aviva Community Fund across the world

Each country runs their Aviva Community Fund according to the particular business focus or need in their local communities. For example, Aviva Vietnam is working with the Vietnam Red Cross Society to maximise the reach of their funding. And Aviva France continues to focus their community fund, La Fabrique Aviva, on supporting entrepreneurs whose businesses are making a positive impact on their wider communities.

Examples of some of the winning projects across the world include:

Aviva Community Fund UK: Bringing digital skills to rural communities

One of this year’s winners of £25,000 in the Aviva Community Fund UK’s ‘Skills for life’ category were Cantley and Horning Primary School Federation. They want to get their pupils to become the teachers, transferring digital skills to members of the wider community. They will use the money to outreach to remote rural areas of Norfolk; connecting not just their two schools (which are 20 miles apart) but also giving residents of remote villages, who may not ordinarily have access to such facilities, the benefit of a high tech learning space. They will create pop up digital classrooms in village halls and public spaces this will not only create spaces to achieve greater skills-development, but enables the two schools to come together, and interact with other schools across their rural community.

Find out more about the UK Aviva Community Fund winners’ stories.

Aviva Community Fund Canada: Souls Harbour Rescue Mission 

Man holding a sign saying 'Thank you for voting for us'

Aviva Canada has now been running the Aviva Community Fund for nine years, and provided inspiration for our other global businesses to set up their own funds. One of their 2017 winners this year was Souls Harbour Rescue Mission. Awarded $100,000 of funding, the organisation gives those who are homeless, hungry or hurting the chance for a fresh start in life. Each day, up to 190 guests are served a hot meal at Souls Harbour Rescue Mission. And while for some a meal is enough, others are looking for the opportunity to gain their independence despite life’s hurdles.

There is so much confusion in my mind. I like coming here. It’s where I can feel peace.
Shane, one of the shelter's guests who struggles with mental illness

The funding will allow the development of a Life Recovery Shelter, a unique highly individualized program working with men who are homeless and have a variety of additional challenges, including addiction, mental health issues or brain injuries. The Shelter will not only provide a safe place to sleep, but also advice and guidance to support those in need, whether by assisting those with brain injuries to retrain so they can find a job they can do, or supporting ex-servicemen to get counselling for their PTSD.

Find out more about the project here and watch this video to hear more about other Aviva Community Fund winners.

La Fabrique Aviva: Vigne de Cocagne

Lady in vineyard as part of the Vigne de Cocagne project

La Fabrique Aviva is our community fund in France, which focuses on supporting entrepreneurs making a difference in their local communities. One of their recent winners was Vigne de Cocagne, a vineyard in Fabrègues, in southern France. They were awarded 50,000 euros to support their provision of wine-making apprenticeships to those who are unemployed or find themselves in difficult circumstances. The practical course will not only train a pipeline of talent to help meet the recruitment demands of the wine trade in France, but will also offer participants valuable skills to help them to regain their confidence and make a fresh start. Longer term, the Vineyard hopes to spread the idea to other wine regions across France.

Find out more about La Fabrique Aviva here