Strengthening communities

Partnerships help us do more good for more people.

In 2017, our community investment totalled £11.9 million and our community programmes helped 792,000 people and supported 2,400 projects around the world. We aim to help 5,000 local community projects by 2020.

Aviva Community Fund (ACF) 

Our online ACF invites the public to nominate and vote for inspirational projects in their local communities to win funding.

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British Red Cross partnership

Our three-year partnership with the British Red Cross is helping communities around the world prepare for and respond to disasters.

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Our people making a difference

In 2017, our people raised £1.2 million and volunteered 48,000 hours of their time, making the most of our paid volunteering days and fund-matching benefits. Our aim is to deliver 200,000 hours of volunteering and help 2.5 million people between 2015 and 2020. 

Not only is this great news for our communities, but it also helps us attract and develop talented people. Our 2017 people survey shows 88% of our people believe that Aviva is a good corporate citizen (15% more than the industry benchmark, and up 8% since 2015). These employees are also 58% more likely to be proud to work for Aviva and 41% more likely to recommend our products to friends and family.

Some of our employee volunteering initiatives around the world include:

Ready When the Time Comes

 In Canada, we were the first insurer to join the Canadian Red Cross' ‘Ready When the Time Comes’.

‘Ready When the Time Comes’ prepares our people in Canada and their broker partners to mobilise as a community-based volunteer force when large-scale disasters strike. Volunteers help in many ways: being there for people, distributing comfort kits and manning emergency shelters.

Over 400 Aviva employees and brokers are trained and ready to respond. Through this national partnership, we are able to help strengthen local communities from coast to coast. 

Pieta House

In Ireland, Pieta House is one of the charity partners our people voted to work with. 

Pieta House offers free counseling to people who are suicidal, people who have been bereaved by suicide and people who self harm.  We share their commitment to support these people and communities by providing financial support, and sharing our knowledge, skills and time.

In 2017, our passionate and talented people in Ireland raised €111,245 and volunteered over 1,500 hours of their time to support Pieta House through fundraising events and a variety of skills sharing activities. For example, Aviva Ireland’s marketing team helped to create a mental health awareness video to be shown at key rugby matches at the Aviva Stadium in Dublin.

"On behalf of everyone at Pieta House I would like to thank Aviva Ireland for your wholehearted support and to emphasize just how much we value having you as our charity partner. Because of your support – and the support of people across the country - we are determined to see a world where suicide, self-harm and stigma are replaced by hope, self-care and acceptance."
Brian J. Higgins, Pieta House CEO