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British Red Cross partnership

Many of the big issues we face can only be properly tackled together.

So in 2016 we launched a three-year partnership with the British Red Cross to help communities around the world prepare for and respond to disasters.

The Aviva Global Mapathon

Floods, earthquakes, hurricanes. When disaster strikes, we count on the emergency services and relief organisations to come to our rescue. But what if you were invisible? If no-one knew you needed help or how to reach you? 

Every year, 100,000 people are killed by emergencies and a further 200 million people are affected or displaced as a result of these natural disasters. Many of these disasters happen in areas which aren't on the map so if we don’t know these communities exist, how can we help them?
Julie Milnes, British Red Cross

One major initiative we are supporting through our partnership with the Red Cross is the Missing Maps project.

Since 2016, hundreds of our people across 12 countries have volunteered for the Aviva Global Mapathon. They’ve mapped over 200,000 buildings and nearly 29,000kms of road in some of the most vulnerable communities in the world. This includes mapping areas of Haiti just before Hurricane Matthew hit land and also areas in Malawi helping children to get vital immunisation against measles and rubella.  

Mapathon is just one of the ways we’re working with the Red Cross.

  • We’re sharing our skills and expertise to find new ways to help people prepare for and respond to disasters.
  • We're giving our people opportunities and time to access all sorts of volunteering opportunities.
  • We’re match-funding our people’s donations during large-scale emergencies.

Together, we aim to make sure communities are better informed, better prepared, and more resilient when the next disaster strikes.

You can read more about some of the successes from the first year of our partnership so far below.

We respond to signs of stress

Through our British Red Cross partnership, our UK claims teams are trained to spot signs of stress when customers call us to make a flood claim. Thinking about customers’ wellbeing means we can respond to how they’re feeling. We try to help people in a way that reduces their stress.

Prevention is protection 

The best form of protection is prevention. We can’t stop bad weather, but we can help to minimise its impact. That's why we support the free British Red Cross Emergency app. 

The app provides advice on how to deal with a range of emergencies, including advice for older people, first aid advice and recovery advice for the whole family.  It helps you keep an eye on the risks of severe weather or other emergencies affecting you and your friends and family through alerts and practical advice. It also has handy tools such as a strobe light to attract attention if you are in difficulty.  If you use an Android or Apple smartphone please download the app and encourage your family and friends to use it.  

Community reserve volunteers

We are the sponsor of the UK-wide BRC community reserve volunteer project, which will create a network of 10,000 people to help out when disaster strikes their local communities and working together with the BRC during major emergencies such as flooding.

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Working with global Red Cross National societies

As well as our partnership with the British Red Cross, we are working with other Red Cross national societies in the markets in which Aviva operates:

  • In 2017 we identified and funded four new Red Cross community resilience projects in Canada, Singapore, Italy and Poland, which included building resilience against urban flooding;
  • Aviva Singapore continued their partnership with the Singapore Red Cross, with 160 of their people supporting 32 elderly families.
  • Aviva Canada’s partnership with the Canadian Red Cross includes our people’s involvement in ‘Ready when the time comes’, as well as working together to pilot a project helping Canadians live well for longer in their own homes using digital technology.