British Red Cross partnership

We’ve worked with the British Red Cross since 2016 to help communities become safer and stronger in times of uncertainty and crisis.

Many of the big issues we face can only be properly tackled together. That’s why, since 2016, Aviva and the British Red Cross (BRC) have created a strong strategic partnership to build more resilient global communities. Over the last six years, our partnership has brought benefits to our organisations, our customers and the global communities we support.

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Humanitarian work

  • We continue to contribute to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Alliance to enable their response to wider global disasters.
  • In response to the crisis in Ukraine, we donated £1.2 million to the DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal, including the matching of employee and customer donations, to support the Red Cross Movement in accelerating their response and providing critical care to those who need it most.
  • Aviva and the Aviva Foundation* donated £10 million to the British Red Cross to support their response to Coronovirus response in communities across the UK. This additional investment was one of the biggest single corporate donations ever received by the British Red Cross. Some of the funds have been used to establish a Hardship Fund, which provided support to individuals who were already financially at risk before the coronavirus outbreak, and whose financial situation has deteriorated as a result. Working in partnership with government and volunteer partners, the British Red Cross identified those eligible for the fund - which played a vital role in bridging the gap for those not receiving government support, enabling them to meet their essential living costs.

    Additionally, in the UK the donation has enabled the British Red Cross to continue to support those most vulnerable who were shielding at home and coming out of hospital, ensuring they were safe and working with hospitals to ease the pressure. It also expanded our existing support for the British Red Cross community reserve volunteer (CRV) programme – something that's more important than ever.

    Outside of the UK, funds were used to support the most urgent and impactful activity across the global Red Cross movement, with the support of Aviva teams in these locations.

*The Aviva Foundation is administered by Charities Trust under charity registration number 327489.

Building Resilience Together

At Aviva, we understand just how traumatic events like fires and floods can be. We want to go beyond simply paying out claims to fix any damage in the aftermath. We also want to help our customers and their communities prepare for and respond quickly to such crises when they happen. As far as possible we want to help limit or prevent damage from happening in the first place. The Building Resilience Together programme in partnership with the British Red Cross and Groundwork allows us to do just that.

Building Resilience Together is a pilot programme that aims to set up community resilience hubs across the UK. These hubs will help people to get involved with effective emergency planning, response and recovery in the face of developing climate emergencies. The hubs will be recognised local centres with the goal of building local preparedness and resilience.

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