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We test, we learn, we challenge the status quo. #Digital

We are always looking to improve. We challenge ourselves to learn about the cutting edge and harness it. We challenge the status quo. There are countless examples, but here's just one…

Let’s face it, business is full of jargon and confusing words. We’ve developed a Skill for Alexa, Amazon’s voice-activated assistant, to help our customers understand more than 300 insurance terms and their definitions. 

We were the first UK insurer to deliver a Skill on Amazon’s Echo. Alexa is a new way for customers to interact with us. But it doesn’t stop here. Across Aviva, creative minds are always busy looking for ways to turn innovative ideas into real products and services for our customers. 

We think voice interaction is going to be the future for a lot of digital interactions. And we’re really keen just to be one of the first companies to explore the capabilities and see what’s possible.

Our first Skill, our first foray into this world is pretty straightforward but it is demystifying some of the insurance terms. Things like you can now ask Alexa “What is an annuity?” or “What is Insurance Premium Tax?
Kevin McQuillan, Customer Experience Director

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Alexa, welcome to Canada!

Following our success in the UK, our jargon-busting Aviva Insurance Skill arrived in Canada. 

Customers can now use it to demystify insurance terms. And if they live in Ontario, they can also get an auto-insurance quote with Alexa in as little as two minutes, just by answering a few questions.

“Within the next five years, one third of Canadians will own a smart home device. We believe in putting customers first and providing solutions that are convenient to them. That’s why we’ve created the Skill to help customers better understand their policy, help them find an Aviva broker and get a quick car insurance quote for Ontarians.”

- Ben Isotta-Riches, Chief Customer & Marketing Officer, Aviva Canada