Never rest

We fail fast and learn fast, testing and learning at pace.

We're always looking to improve. We challenge ourselves to learn about the cutting edge and harness it. We’re dissatisfied with the way things are done now and challenge the status quo. There are countless examples, but here's just one...

We’ve developed a Skill for Alexa that lets our UK customers find out the latest value of their pension from the comfort of their sofa. All they need to do is ask Alexa! 

We were the first UK insurer to deliver a Skill on Amazon’s Echo.  It's a new personalised way for customers to interact with us and get closer to their pension.

We think voice interaction is going to be the future for a lot of digital interactions. We’re pleased to be one of the first companies to explore what’s possible.

But it doesn’t stop there. Across Aviva, creative minds are always busy looking for ways to turn innovative ideas into real products and services for our customers. 

Photo of a meeting at Aviva's The Garage offices in Hoxton