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Create legacy

We invest with courage to build a bright and sustainable future for all.

We've existed for over three centuries. Through investing with courage, taking smart risks, and making good decisions we will allocate our resources so we are around for centuries to come. We take the long view.

With £501 billion (as at 30 June 2019) of assets under management we have a significant responsibility to invest for a bright and sustainable future. 

People rarely ask how the money in their pension is invested.

If you insisted that the money in your pension was invested responsibly, it could have a transformative effect, unleashing trillions of pounds in sustainable investments. That’s where you can make a difference…

When you pay into your pension, how much do you really know about what happens next?

Let’s pretend for a moment you could follow your money on its journey and see what happens.

Fund managers choose how to invest your money. 

In order to make it grow, they often buy shares of large companies traded on stock exchanges around the world and these companies play a major role in shaping the world we live in.

Globally, hundreds of trillions of pounds are traded and monitored every minute of every day. And the performance of funds is available for everyone to see at any time.

This sounds like a good thing, but it can actually lead to short-term decision-making. Let’s look at why:

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We take our responsibilities seriously, not only to our customers and colleagues, but also the communities where we live and work. Find out more about how we support our communities.