Shareholder update - December 2021

Chair's update

Dear Shareholder

Welcome to another update about what’s been going on at Aviva over the last few months.

First and foremost, we have pressed ahead with delivering our strategic priorities. Our work to focus the portfolio is all but done and below you will find information about the completion of the sales of France, Poland and Italy. Our financial position remains strong and our efforts to transform performance are yielding results, as you will see in our numbers reported in Q3. There is still a way to go, but I’m satisfied with our progress to date.

November this year marked a rather special milestone, the 325th anniversary of the creation of our ancestor company. The "Contributors for Insuring Houses, Chambers or Rooms from Loss by Fire, by Amicable Contribution" quickly became known as “The Hand in Hand” and we’ve been helping our customers ever since.  In this update you can find some fascinating stories from our extraordinary archives.

To ensure we can thrive for the next 325 years, we continue acting on our commitment to be a responsible, sustainable business. Below you can read more about our involvement at this year’s crucial climate conference in Glasgow, COP26.

Thank you all once more for your ongoing support for Aviva and all best wishes for the festive season.

George Culmer - Chair

Financial updates

2021 Q3 results update

Amanda Blanc, Group Chief Executive Officer, said:

“Aviva has delivered strong performance in the first nine months. Record inflows in Savings & Retirement and excellent growth in General Insurance support our confidence in Aviva’s growth potential.

We continue to make excellent and rapid strategic progress, right across Aviva. Aviva is targeting Net Zero by 2040 and we welcome the Government's plan, mandating financial institutions to publish transition plans. This will help to ensure that every firm making a Net Zero commitment - whether an insurer, a bank or an asset manager - is doing so in a robust and consistent way.

We look forward with confidence. We expect the good trading momentum to continue in the fourth quarter, and we remain on track to meet or exceed our cash and cost saving targets.”

Read our Aviva plc Q3 2021 Trading Update - Aviva plc for more details.

Business updates

Board changes: Appointment of Martin Strobel as Non-Executive Director

George Culmer, Chair, said:

“Martin is an accomplished director in insurance and private equity and we are delighted to welcome him to the Board. His business leadership and non-executive experience in the insurance and technology sectors make him a valuable addition to the Aviva Board.”

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Update on disposals

Aviva's 325th Anniversary

First it was, can we prove we’ve insured a swordsman? Then an acrobat. The most recent one was a fireman. So, I've been going back through policy registers looking at people's occupations. Helping with concepts for Aviva’s 325-year anniversary is a good opportunity to unearth interesting stories.

Anna Stone, Group Archivist, shares her story on about keeping people honest by preserving Aviva’s archive. Others describe it as the most important insurance archive in the UK but for Anna, it’s ‘like a third child’.

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Shareholder warning

We have had an increasing number of reports from shareholders that they have received cold calls offering to buy their shares for more than they are worth. Shareholders are advised that such calls are likely to be part of a scam. Shareholders who receive such calls are advised to hang up.

Environment & community updates

COP26 – women excluded in fight against climate change

Amanda Blanc said:

“We can’t solve the climate crisis without involving women. And we won’t create equality for women unless we address the climate crisis. With so much at stake, it is negligent beyond belief to ignore the impact on half the world’s population and the contribution women can make. That is why I’ve convened a group of female leaders in finance to consider what more can be done to improve gender equality when designing, delivering and accessing climate finance.”

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