Our heritage

Did you know that our oldest constituent company began offering fire insurance in 1696? Or that Winston Churchill took out a policy with one of our companies in 1896?

Visit the Group Archive's website to discover more and to trace the fascinating and complex history of Aviva.

The Aviva Group Archive is acknowledged as the most important insurance industry archive in the United Kingdom and reflects our 300+ years of operation, with records for more than 750 of the companies that have contributed to our success.

Many of our constituent companies were pioneers of insurance cover, developed in response to changing customer needs. For instance, we were the first to offer accident insurance to protect people from the dangers of travelling on early (and often perilous) railways, and at the forefront of insurance developments necessitated by the arrival of the motor car.

Keep on the safe side showcard - part of a series of advertisements produced by General Accident with the tagline "We insure more cars than any other company"