In memory of our 1,623 colleagues who were killed in the two world wars.

Aviva's Group CEO, Amanda Blanc, has recorded a message for all Aviva employees.

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00:00:00 Amanda Blanc

So this is a very different year. As I put my beautiful poppy on this morning, I was reflecting about the fact that Aviva has been extremely resilient in this difficult year. Now we come to this time of year where we really need to reflect on the past, and sometimes I think that past can feel like it's hundreds of years ago, ancient history, and certainly as the men and women that were so important in that past now become faded into history it can be very difficult for us to keep the memories alive

00:00:39 Amanda Blanc

I reflect on this because it was actually last year – about a year ago – my grandfather, he passed away and he was 99 and a half. He was in a reserved occupation during World War Two as a miner. Actually, both my grandparents were, and I find it extremely sad that the stories that he would tell us about that time and about how difficult it was, and the resilience of him and my grandmother and the family, and the way that people lived, and the things that they had to put up with during those difficult times can easily be forgotten.

00:01:15 Amanda Blanc

And I think it's really important that we as Aviva, and we in the communities in which we operate, make sure that we do not forget. We do not forget the significant amount that those men, women and children gave for us to have the lives that we have today.

00:01:32 Amanda Blanc

And I just want us as an organisation to really reflect on that and to think very carefully about our actions to make sure that we always do the right thing as they did.

Less than a month after the outbreak of the First World War, Joseph Marius Chazalette was killed in action. His death marks the first of many former employees who lost their lives in the conflict.

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He is remembered in this film, together with all those who died during the first and second world wars.

I am sorry to have to inform you of the death in action of my dear son Edward […] we had hoped that as time went on he would have risen to a position of trust and responsibility, but all our hopes are dashed to the ground with those of many loving parents.

Many employees of our legacy companies fought in the two world wars. By 1918, some had up to 90% of male staff serving in the forces. And over 7,700 male and female employees served during the Second World War. For those who made the ultimate sacrifice, their loss was keenly felt. 

Our Book of Remembrance includes the names of the 1,623 who died during the conflicts, from 52 constituent companies, and 17 countries. The book was produced by Aviva Group Archive in 2018 to mark the centenary of the end of the First World War. A searchable PDF version can be found below.

We miss them, we mourn them, but we are proud of them and we know that, though the lapse of centuries may dim the remembrance of their deeds and sacrifices, their names will for ever shine bright.


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