Aviva and WWF joint reports

Realigning the UK finance sector to a 1.5 degree pathway

Aviva, the UK’s largest general insurer, and WWF, the world’s leading independent conservation organisation, have joined forces to call for a transformational shift in the financial sector – a shift without which the UK will not be able to meet its net zero target or global commitments as part of the Paris Agreement. 

We will work together to call on the UK government to ensure they deliver on their commitment to develop a Net Zero Financial Centre, through credible science-based transition plans and the integration of nature, biodiversity and resilience factors into policy changes.

Collaboration is vital to building a resilient financial system that in turn supports the transition of the real economy. Every business and financial institution must play a part in the transition to net zero, and through our partnership, we will aim to inspire more climate-focused financial companies to join the journey.  

Through our partnership with WWF we engage an influential audience of finance industry and policy stakeholders in our shared vision for the finance sector, articulating it together through four joint reports:

Unlocking finance for nature

Our latest policy paper, released December 2022, outlines a seven-step pathway to support governments internationally to mobilise the private finance required to tackle the nature crisis.

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A UK Net Zero Investment Plan for Green Growth

Our third paper, released October 2022, called for a Net Zero Investment Plan, to catalyse private finance to deliver green growth in the UK and, deliver wider benefits such as improved energy security and alleviating the rising cost of living. 

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Aligning the UK Financial System to Net Zero

In May 2022, we released a second paper setting out future steps we believe the UK Government should take to embed and accelerate the net zero transition, supported by the financial sector. It spans policy on private sector transition plans, a transitioning planning approach in government, and the integration of nature. 

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Transition Plans for a Net Zero Future

June 2021 saw the power of our partnership. Togther we successfully called on the UK Government to introduce mandatory net zero transitions plans for financial institutions, including through our first position paper, which the government then announced at COP26. 

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