Sustainable claims

Minimising the environmental impact of the claims we process

The challenge

We have a responsibility that every claim we process through our insurance business not only provides our customers with the best possible outcomes and service, but does so in a way that minimises the environmental impact. Addressing both of these priorities at once requires our industry to embrace innovative approaches to repair and disposal, while delivering faster and better service to customers.


We put great customer service at the centre of our business, and factor sustainability into every aspect of our insurance claims process. Within motor claims, this includes everything from careful disposal of write-off vehicles, to preparing garages to repair the vehicles of the future, and to reducing our carbon footprint by using local loss adjusters. In 2020, Aviva Ireland partnered with an Irish accident repair company to create Aviva Motor Services, providing a simpler motor claims experience that has been built to provide more sustainable solutions.


Our Irish customers now have access to a network of local garages that are set up to deliver industry-leading sustainable products and services. Local service allows customers to access repairs more quickly and closer to home, which can be more convenient and reduce emissions. We also deal with claims quickly, which not only provides peace of mind for customers, but also minimises damage and therefore waste. Ultimately this lowers the cost of reinstating damaged property, which is a better outcome for our customers and can be deliver a more sustainable outcome for the claims we handle.

Our Loss Adjusting Team members are homebased and live and work locally to the claims they inspect, which reduces their carbon footprint and that of Aviva. They don’t require office accommodation or equipment and have the added benefit of knowing the area that our customers live in, which ensures we are always providing great customer service during these challenging times.