Funding the future

Investing in UK infrastructure

The challenge

The UK is facing a sizeable funding shortfall in meeting its infrastructure needs. The country requires investment with a focus on the long-term vision for a more sustainable way of life. Alongside this need there has been increased demand from pension funds and insurers for real asset investments.


In 2022, we invested over £500 million in green assets and a further £1 billion in social assets. You can find out more about these investments in our 2022 Aviva Investors Responsible Investment review. We have continued to grow our sustainable lending programme, delivering a further £300 million of sustainable transition real estate loans.


Investing in real assets has an important social and economic benefit, funding essential development from rail networks to renewable energy facilities. This investment will play a role in the creation of jobs in infrastructure and real estate in cities and regions across the country, better connecting investors with the assets they own and demonstrating the value that their investments can have in local communities and society post-COVID-19.

Aviva is investing in UK infrastructure and real estate to help our economy and communities bounce back. We plan to invest in the UK’s regions and cities, in critical areas such as social housing, renewable energy and rail networks. The investments being made will ultimately fund people’s savings and retirement, aiming to deliver stable returns to our customers and funding a sustainable future for the UK.