Fighting floods

Supporting our customers when they need us most

Sadly, flooding is becoming more common; not just river or coastal flooding, but flash floods caused by heavy, sudden downpours are increasing.  As well as physical damage to properties, flooding can affect the financial and emotional wellbeing of those affected, and 40%1 of businesses in the UK fail to re-open after a flood.

Not all floods can be prevented so we want to help our customers to make their properties better prepared and protected in case the worst happens again. There are two ways people can help protect homes:

  • flood resistance – helping to stop watering from entering a property
  • flood resilience – limiting the damage that flood water can cause. 

These measures can be really simple but they can make a real difference in helping homeowners and businesses recover quicker from flooding, allowing them to return to their homes sooner and get their businesses back up and running.   

Until now, knowing what to install has been confusing, but a new industry-led code of practice, supported by Aviva in the UK, aims to make it easier for people to help protect their properties.

Find out more about the code of practice.