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British Red Cross partnership

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, we've committed to an additional donation of £10 million to the British Red Cross.

Many of the big issues we face can only be properly tackled together. That’s why, since 2016, Aviva and the British Red Cross (BRC) have created a strong strategic partnership to build more resilient global communities. This is bringing benefits to our organisations, our customers and the global communities we support.

Supporting the British Red Cross coronavirus response

British Red Cross staff and volunteers respond to an emergency every four hours, on average, in the UK – and the coronavirus outbreak is no exception. Now more than ever, we need to come together across all sectors and support communities through this uncertain time.

Since the outbreak of the virus, Aviva and the Aviva Foundation* have committed to an additional donation of £10 million to the British Red Cross so they can accelerate their response, reaching more people – and quickly – to ensure those made most vulnerable by the coronavirus outbreak can get the right support at the right time.

This additional investment is one of the biggest single corporate donations ever received by the British Red Cross.

Some of the funds will be used to establish a Hardship Fund, which provides support to individuals who were already financially at risk before the coronavirus outbreak, and whose financial situation has deteriorated as a result. Working in partnership with government and volunteer partners, the British Red Cross will identify those eligible for the fund - individuals will not be able to self-refer to the Fund. It will play a vital role in bridging the gap for those who are not receiving government support, enabling them to meet their essential living costs.

Additionally, in the UK the donation is enabling the British Red Cross to continue to support those most vulnerable shielding at home and coming out of hospital, ensuring they are safe and working with hospitals to ease the pressure. It is also expanding our existing support for the British Red Cross Community Reserve Volunteer (CRV) programme – something that's more important than ever. 

Outside of the UK, funds will be used to support the most urgent and impactful activity across the global Red Cross movement, with the support of Aviva teams in these locations.

At this unprecedented moment we all need to act now - and act together - to look after each other. That’s why we’re strengthening our partnership with the British Red Cross. Since 2016 we’ve seen first-hand the incredible work they do to help communities here in the UK and around the world. This new funding will get vital help to the people who need it most during the coronavirus pandemic.

*The Aviva Foundation is administered by Charities Trust under charity registration number 327489.

The Aviva Global Mapathon

Floods, earthquakes, hurricanes. When disaster strikes, we count on the emergency services and relief organisations to come to our rescue. But what if you were invisible? If no-one knew you needed help or how to reach you? 

Every year, 100,000 people are killed by emergencies and a further 200 million people are affected or displaced as a result of these natural disasters. Many of these disasters happen in areas which aren't on the map so if we don’t know these communities exist, how can we help them?
Julie Milnes, British Red Cross

One major initiative we are supporting through our partnership with the Red Cross is the Missing Maps project.

Since 2016, hundreds of our people across 12 countries have volunteered for the Aviva Global Mapathon. In 2020, despite no face-to-face parties to bring our people together, volunteers turned up in force, with 395 people across seven markets taking part in our sixth Mapathon. Through their time and effort, 79,214 buildings were mapped in communities at risk of drought in Niger. This is the equivalent to mapping an area home to over half a million people. These maps will help the Red Cross to work alongside communities to protect their livelihoods and loved ones in the face of drought. 

Mapathon is just one of the ways we’re working with the Red Cross.

  • We’re sharing our skills and expertise to find new ways to help people prepare for and respond to disasters.
  • We're giving our people opportunities and time to access all sorts of volunteering opportunities.
  • We’re match-funding our people’s donations during large-scale emergencies.

Together, we aim to make sure communities are better informed, better prepared, and more resilient when the next disaster strikes.

You can read more about the successes from our partnership below.

We respond to signs of stress

Through our British Red Cross partnership, our UK claims teams are trained to spot signs of stress when customers call us to make a flood claim. Thinking about customers’ wellbeing means we can respond to how they’re feeling.

We try to help people in a way that reduces their stress. This has led to a six-point increase of Aviva's customer satisfaction score, following Red Cross psychosocial training for the service team.

Community reserve volunteers

Together with the British Red Cross we’re also extending what we do for our UK customers back into our communities by recruiting a national network of volunteers, ready to lend a hand when crisis hits. Since 2018, we’ve recruited nearly 88,000 community reserve volunteers to support with emergency efforts following disasters, like flooding, and more recently to support those impacted by Covid-19.

Volunteers might help to set up rest-centres, pack emergency parcels for people forced out of their homes or prepare kit for Red Cross volunteers. Signing up with the British Red Cross only takes 5 minutes. Volunteers will be called on via text in an emergency to lend a hand. Find out more: www.at.aviva.uk/CRV  

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