Aviva's leaders recognise what matters to them, the business and to the individuals in their teams. We do our best to support our leaders, rewarding them for success in developing their team. It's two-way; we want healthy, regular feedback between leaders and team members.

Aviva leaders are true to themselves - they don't have to pretend to be someone they're not. We want real people to work with us, a diverse mix of skills, backgrounds and talents. Anyone who has what it takes to be a leader has the chance to do so.

If you join us, your team leader will respect you as an individual. They'll be clear about what they expect from you, they'll help you find your strengths and try to show you how you can best apply them. They'll give you confidence through deserved praise, give you room to grow and help you work with your team to beat any challenges you'll face.

From day one we support our leaders in their own development too. They have instant access to an online leadership portal which helps them bring out the best in themselves and their teams, each and every day.

Aviva's Leadership Academy offers an opportunity for leaders and future leaders from across the globe to form networks, exchange ideas and share best practice, while enjoying some of the best learning facilities in the world.

We see it as our responsibility to develop our current and future business leaders and we take this very seriously. As such, we've formed strong relationships with some of the world's leading thinkers on business and personal development.

In 2013 we launched an innovative new leadership development programme in conjunction with SAID business school, University of Oxford.

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