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At Aviva we build high-performing teams by offering game-changing learning and development to all our people through Aviva University.

We help you stay relevant in an ever-changing world through a suite of learning solutions that develop your mind, add to your capabilities and accelerate your career. We ask all employees to create a personal development plan (PDP) and discuss this regularly with leaders as we believe this is fundamental to transforming performance and supporting development aspirations.

A lifelong learning mindset is a critical part of our investment in both your development and our collective success.

Some of what you can expect:

  • A global digital portal for anytime, anywhere learning. It showcases opportunities for new experiences and supports professional and personal development.
  • Connected colleagues through online learning communities.
  • A global graduate and leadership development programme.
  • Apprenticeships and short-term placements.
  • World-class development opportunities. 

Feedback and coaching is part of our culture. You’ll shape your own experiences by regularly engaging in development conversations with your line manager as well as participating in our annual mid and end of year review processes to record progress against goals and ensure you are receiving the right support. It’s ok to ask for all the support and challenge you need – it’s expected.

We’re passionate about using technology and innovation to help you keep your skills relevant in the complex and adaptive world of today. Our focus is on creating the workforce of the future and helping you focus on getting the experiences you need to succeed.

Our digital learning platform, Aviva University, is home to all of learning for our global workforce, and is part of an ecosystem of tools and resources to help our people to be the best they can be today, and in the future.

Aviva really invests in training, in development. As an employee you have a whole variety of options to move within the organisation, to do different things.


Being a leader today is about being responsive to a diverse and changing workforce.

We support our leaders in keeping their skills and experiences fresh to navigate these complex demands.

Alongside traditional leadership programmes, we help our leaders develop skills to make sure they stay agile and adaptive for today and tomorrow.

If you join us as a leader, you’ll also join us in living our values: care, commitment, community, and confidence. They are central to everything we do.

In a world evolving at pace we expect our leaders to be inclusive, support our people and grow our business by:

  • getting ahead of and solving our customers’ needs
  • building teams that can transform the performance of Aviva
  • freeing their people to do the best work they ever have
  • making ‘tomorrow’ happen today. 

We give huge support to our leaders, rewarding them for their success in developing their teams. Aviva is a great place to come to be stretched and supported, in equal measure.


We believe in paying our people appropriately for the job they do and the contribution they make - so we’ll always try to offer you competitive and fair rewards.

The benefits you get vary from country to country. But wherever you are in the world, your wellbeing is crucial. If you feel physically and mentally well, you’ll be happier and perform better. 

We’re a brilliant health and protection business. We’ll share this expertise with you as part of your benefits because we care about our people – the people who care about our customers, every day.

We help our people blend the demands of work and home through initiatives like:

  • Maternity coaching in Aviva Investors.
  • Time off for parents when their children start school.
  • Workplace menopause support in the UK.
  • UK policy for our people who are carers. 
Many of our Aviva colleagues have caring responsibilities, which is why we place so much importance on our carers policy. We support colleagues in a number of ways, including 35 hours paid leave per year to help manage caring responsibilities and flexible working options.

But it isn’t just practical support that carers need. Emotional wellbeing is equally important, and having access to advice, caring experts or just someone to talk to can be a huge help. Our Aviva Carers Community is run by colleagues who are themselves carers, with support from the wider business.

To understand how the policy helps carers who work at Aviva, read Debbie’s story

For more information, help and advice about caring, visit


Sustainability is a fundamental part of Aviva’s strategy and integral to what we do as a business.

This is focused on three core areas – being a climate champion; supporting a stronger, more resilient Britain; and running ourselves as a sustainable business.

This will see us embedding sustainability throughout the business with clear governance and decision-making, transparent reporting and by proactively engaging our stakeholders. 

Sustainability will be embedded within our products and investments, building on our existing strength in integrating sustainability into considerations into investment processes, engaging with companies to promote sustainable practice, and seeking reform of markets to shape a sustainable future.

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