Danny Harmer, Chief People Officer:

“Building a fair, inclusive workplace takes commitment and action. And that action must be based on data. The gender pay gap is one of the most important inclusion metrics we track and report at Aviva. 

In the five years we have been publishing our gender pay gap we have seen steady, albeit frustratingly slow, progress towards better gender balance in the organisation. This year, for the first time, we are reporting our ethnicity pay gap too. We are sharing the data to set a benchmark against which we can hold ourselves to account and track our future progress.

We do not pay people differently on the basis of their ethnicity or gender. The pay gaps exist because different groups are represented unequally. From a gender perspective, Aviva still has too few women at senior levels of the organisation. On ethnicity, we have low ethnic diversity across the business.

Fixing this lack of representation matters to us. It is simply the right thing to do. And we know that a workplace that more accurately reflects the communities we are here to serve is better for our people, our customers and Aviva.

Realising a fully equal workplace will take time, for Aviva and for society more widely. We are committed to progress on inclusion for the long term as we work towards a better tomorrow for our customers and our people.”

UK Pay Gap Report 2021

Full details of our gender pay gap, our ethnicity pay gap and our associated actions

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