The Women in Finance Climate Action Group is delighted to have you with us for today’s event.

Women and girls are hit hardest by climate impacts around the world. They are also hugely under-represented in climate negotiations.

The Women in Finance Climate Action Group - a collective of women leaders from business, the public sector and civil society - have come together tackle the gap between gender inequality and private climate finance, redress the disparity of senior representation on climate issues and amplify the voices of women affected by climate change. 

Today’s event will focus on tangible actions that are needed in private finance and beyond to support both climate action and gender equality, underpinned by the first ever research report to look into the connection between these issues in depth.


What can we all do to help?

Our report contains a simple toolkit of actions that all of us can take today to make a difference.

Actions for everyone:

  • Contact your government representatives and urge them to incorporate gender considerations into their climate financing and financial regulation – point to the examples cited in this report as evidence that leading governments are already factoring these issues in. 
  • Use free tools like the World Benchmarking Alliance rankings to find out how strong (or weak) the world’s leading companies are on gender and climate issues. Give your business to those who set higher standards and use social media to explain why.
  • Look at any charities you donate to – do they have a policy around climate and gender? What are they doing to address the issue? Are they working across government or business to influence the agenda.? Contact them if you’re not satisfied with what you see.
  • Use social media to highlight this issue, commit to act and ask others to commit.
  • Check whether the organisation you work for has policies on climate, gender, and the interaction between the two. If you think it should, share our report with others in the organisation to try and make it happen.

The toolkit in the report (page 35) also includes specific actions for those in NGOs, the media and business and finance.


Please share the report and its recommendations with your networks to include more voices in the discussion.

What commitment will you make to action?

Share your views and take part in the today’s discussion on social media using #WIFClimateActionGroup


The Climate Action Group wants to connect and strengthen the network of women looking to help solve these issues around the world

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