Our purposeful products and services

Our products and services are helping to reduce environmental impacts.

Through our products and services we aim to protect our customers against the impacts of climate change, reduce the environmental impact of our claims process and provide energy efficient replacements to help reduce customers' long-term energy costs.

Purposeful propositions

Aviva creates products and services that support our customers when they make environmental choices.

Carbon conscious proposition

We have a carbon conscious car insurance product; Aviva Zero. This provides the benefits of a five star Defaqto rated UK car insurance product online plus a carbon offsetting element.

Sustainable Funds

We aim to support transition to Net-Zero carbon emissions by 2040 via the Aviva Investors Sustainable Transition range of Funds, which is underpinned by the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In 2021 two new funds were added to the range. The Aviva Investors Social Transition Global Equity Fund and the Aviva Investors Natural Capital Transition Global Equity Fund.


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Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) profiler tool

We provide an ‘ESG Profiler’ tool on our adviser platform. This supports financial advisers reviewing customers’ investments from an ESG perspective. This tool improves the transparency of funds, enabling our customers to understand if a fund delivers against their investment appetite and ESG objectives.

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Green laptop parts

We try to replace as many parts as we can as this can bring down costs and leads to a much faster turnaround for their repair. And of course, there’s much less waste generated, so it’s not only great for customers, but the environment too. To achieve this we collect ‘non-memory’ related parts from laptops and use this stock of parts in subsequent repairs.

Making things as good as new

Fire damage claims

We manage a large volume of fire claims every year, but can be limited in what we can do for our customers because we’re not instructed until it’s too late. We’ve therefore introduced a rapid response service which begins work on these claims within 48 hours. This bright idea will halve the time it takes to settle a claim and help us to considerably increase the number of items that can be restored. Not only will we cut our environmental impact, but also reduce our fire claims spend and most importantly help customers get back in their home quicker.

Restoring stain-damaged carpets

We know that customer satisfaction is higher when we remove stains from our customers’ damaged carpets rather than replace them. Our process uses new technologies and cleaning agents to do just that, and the level of successful cleaning of carpets has increased from 10% to 76%. This not only helps minimise inconvenience for our customers, it also helps to dramatically decrease our carbon footprint by reducing the number of carpets we need to replace, generating a 35% reduction in carbon emissions per claim (i.e. an estimated saving of 400 tonnes of CO2e per year).

Restoring the things you love after flood and storm damage

If despite our best efforts we can’t restore the things you love, we’ll always try and recycle it to help avoid waste going to landfill. While just 13% of waste materials we deal with go to landfill, this figure is dominated by the waste carpets and insulation which we have to throw away. That’s why we’re now working to find a recycling plant capable of dealing with them.

The Carbon Trust carried out a piece of research into the way our water claims are now dealt with, following a systems thinking approach. The research indicates that we have saved 7,200 tonnes CO2e by changing how we process ‘escape of water’ claims, This equates to around 9% of Aviva’s direct annual emissions (79,000 tonnes CO2e).