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Live well in your home for longer

Aviva Canada are working with the Red Cross to help people stay in their homes for longer.

Aviva Canada is supporting an innovative Canadian Red Cross pilot program (2017-2019) to help Canadians live well for longer in their own homes. The project aims to improve health outcomes for seniors and people living with an illness or disability by connecting them to their primary healthcare teams using the power of digital technology and volunteers.

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The initiative, called Health TAPESTRY, is a McMaster Department of Family Medicine program, and looks to intertwine clients, technology, communities and healthcare teams to create a health ‘safety-net’ for participants, helping prevent disease and reducing the need for healthcare interventions.

As part of the programme, Canadian Red Cross volunteers, called ‘Community Connectors’ visit participants in their homes to learn more about any current symptoms, risk factors and potential health issues they might face. They then use special technology to relay relevant information to the participant’s primary healthcare team, so they are prepared and ready to support them in the best way possible.

The pilot will see Community Connectors recruited and partnered with participants in three locations and the pilots will help provide insight that the Canadian Red Cross hope will shape a future long-term programme, helping to change the face of community healthcare.