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How we’re reducing the environmental impact of our business.

We are acting now for tomorrow by reducing the environmental impact of our business through our people's actions, energy efficiency and on-site renewable electricity generation.

Find out more in our 2018 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) data sheet.

Reducing the environmental impact of Aviva Canada operations

In 2018, Canada merged four office locations into one energy efficient office site. Over 1800 employees were merged into the new office space reducing our operational footprint (square footage) by 25%. 

Powering our operations with renewable energy

Across the UK more than 400 employees have signed up to our car share programme and there are 180 active car-sharing groups. We have also introduced electric vehicle charging points at eight UK locations and moved 30% of our car fleet to hybrid. In the past year this has helped save 4,257 kg of CO2 emissions.