Create Legacy

Contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals

We are committed to running our business responsibly everyday

This includes respecting human rights, managing supply chains responsibly and practicing good governance. 

An outline of our focus can be found in the document below.

Supporting the Sustainable Development Goals (PDF 179KB)  

We protect what’s important to our customers

We help our customers to protect what matters and save for the future. We have a wide range of products to support our customers with everyday challenges that affect them and their communities. 

Many of our constituent companies were pioneers of insurance cover. We were the first to offer accident insurance to protect people from the dangers of travelling on early (and often perilous) railways, and at the forefront of early car insurance.

Today we see ourselves as a 320-year-old disruptor. We’re looking at what role insurance can play in a world with driverless cars for instance. But more broadly, we want to harness the opportunities arising from digital to help our customers. 

We believe innovation in technology can help improve people’s lives. We are using telematics to reward young drivers when they drive safely by reducing their premium. We’ve also been developing digital tools and interfaces so that our customers can understand how to save better. 

We are partnering with incubators to support and invest in startups. Like Owlstone Medical who are developing a breathalyzer that can detect diseases at a very early stage. 

Our contribution to society

We’ve been engaging actively with policy makers in the UK, EU and internationally. We want to make sure the proper foundations are in place to support the creation of sustainable capital markets, thereby bringing our support across all Sustainable Development Goals’ funding. 

Beside this policy engagement, we contribute to society in many ways, including:

  • creating new insurance products that help our customers
  • active ownership and engagement of Aviva Investors’ Responsible Investment Officers
  • the Aviva Community Fund, which offers funding to community projects.