Street to school: Count every child

Aviva worked with Plan International UK to run the five year Street to school: Count every child initiative in Indonesia.

In 2006, the Indonesian Government put in place a new law which meant compulsory birth and death registration across the country. However, it was estimated that 47% of Indonesian children who were less than five years old remained unregistered, which was a key issue in the promotion of rights and protection of street children.

In 2012 Aviva, Plan International UK, Plan Indonesia and the Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs launched a joint pilot project to help families and children access birth registration services and work to make the process easier and cheaper. Over just two years 1,800 street children obtained birth certificates and the project influenced the Indonesian Government to change the law, resulting in scrapping of birth registration fees and removing the requirement that the certificate had to be issued where the birth took place.

The second phase of the project, which launched in April 2015, built on this initial success and an additional 1,226 of some of the country’s most vulnerable children were registered.

The programme has led to real change for some of the most marginalised children in Jakarta and supported our work towards meeting Sustainable Development Goal 4, of a quality education for all.