Aviva Ventures

Aviva Ventures makes investments in early-stage businesses that have the potential to transform the insurance industry.

Investment focus

We are experiencing significant shifts in the world – including societal, political, economic, technological, and environmental. These trends are changing the way people live, and will live, and this will fundamentally impact our industry.

Aviva Ventures’ role is to invest in emerging technology and customer trends that have the potential to:

  • be transformative to the existing insurance business model
  • accelerate our strategy; and
  • provide insights into how Aviva will need to adapt to the changing landscape

We are deploying £100M, making investments of £1 - £5 million for up to 20% equity. Typically this is at the ‘Series B’ stage where we can help take businesses to the next level, and expand their market reach.

We’re a strategic corporate venture fund. This means we want to develop a strategic relationship with those we invest in, and provide them with expertise, global reach and scale.

The businesses we work with bring disruptive ideas and technologies, talent and speed. They help us think differently and move at pace.

What we're looking for

The internet of things (IOT)

The connected world will change the way we do business. Whether it's your car, home, business or health, IOT technology will revolutionise the way we look at risk.

Data and analytics

Data is essential to any insurer – analytics drives competitive advantage. New insights and technologies can transform the way we look at and use data.

Innovation propositions

New technology-led propositions can give our industry fresh ways to serve customers. New products and services, seamless experiences, simple ways to interact.

Disruptive distribution

We’re looking for innovative digital distribution that helps customers manage their lives more effectively. Distribution that recognises changing needs and expectations.

About the Fund

Aviva Ventures is focussed on financial and strategic returns. We make investments that bring us new opportunities, ideas and insight, and that have the potential for long term value creation.

Case Studies

Owlstone Medical

Owlstone’s mission is to save 100,000 lives and save health care providers $1.5B. 


Shepper carries out Smart Asset Checks on properties and assets.