Executive interviews

Interview with Mark Wilson
23 November 2012

Interview with Mark Wilson, following his appointment as chief executive officer on 20 November 2012.

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00:00: What are your first impressions of Aviva and what particularly attracted you to the company?

00:33: What from your perspective are Aviva's strengths & weaknesses?

01:38: What's your view on the current strategy & will you change it?

02:26: What's your view on the dividend?

03:36: What's your experience of mature markets?

04:15: What's your view on the share price?

04:47: In your view where will growth come from?

06:01: Tell us about your journey to Aviva and your experience in general insurance

07:20: What can we expect from your management style? How do you manage? How do you lead?

08:23: How would you describe your values?

09:10: What do you want to achieve for Aviva?