Dividend Reinvestment Plan

Aviva operates a Dividend Reinvestment Plan which is available to ordinary shareholders. By joining the plan, you can choose to have your cash dividends used to purchase additional Aviva ordinary shares. If you choose not to join, you will receive your dividends in cash. There is no entry fee and you can leave the Plan at any time at no charge. If you join you will pay commission, currently at 0.75% (subject to a minimum of £2.50), and stamp duty reserve tax, currently at 0.5%, on the market value of the Aviva ordinary shares purchased for you. Full details can be found in the Plan explanatory booklet and terms and conditions.  (PDF 226.0 KB)

If you would like to join, you can either do so online or by completing a form that you can obtain from Computershare . In order to be effective for a particular dividend, any election must be received at least fifteen business days prior to the dividend payment date. The last date for DRIP elections can be found on the dividend timetable .

Please note, this service is not appropriate for shareholders living in certain jurisdictions, for example North America. Please see clause 1 of the terms and conditions for more information.