Our Teams


The book definition tells us that actuaries use advanced mathematical and statistical concepts to minimize the financial consequences of the uncertainties associated with running an insurance company or pension fund. Moving to the standard of everyday life: we build actuarial models that allow us to predict future cash flows of the company, thanks to which the benefits of the insured will be secured, we calculate the funds needed for the company to recover unscathed from the negative scenario that occurs every 200 years, we calculate the price of the insurance product, we discuss the company's results (for various financial regimes) and conduct all kinds of projects from small to strategic. Nowadays, the definition of an actuary is a very broad concept, and the potential of roles is a virtually unlimited set! 

Our actuarial team is the largest in Poland and we are very proud of it as experts in the field. We work divided into smaller teams, tailored to the areas of activity in the structures of the Aviva group, and there are as many as 13 of them! 

In our daily work we use tools such as Prophet, R, Python, Tyche, Radar, and in the area of Internal Models under SII and the new IFRS17 regime. 

Actuaries analyze and model the future, assess the risks involved and communicate what the results mean financially, enabling AVIVA management to make key decisions with greater confidence. 


IT CoE provides advanced IT solutions used in IT Platforms in the Aviva Group. The goal of IT CoE is to implement systems and solutions for key Aviva departments, such as: Corporate Functions, Digital, Customer & Marketing, Data Analysis. The main role is to build a technologically advanced hub, whose task is to implement a global IT strategy. The skills required to work in our department are in the field of programming, automatic tests, data engineering, IT project management in an Agile environment, or devops. The teams that form the CoE IT department are the pillars of modern IT: Technology (software development, QA), Devops, Data Engineering, Change Delivery & Project Management, Saas, Run & Security Center. IT CoE provides highly advanced IT solutions. The growth and expansion of the department will allow Aviva to implement key and strategic inhouse solutions as well as end to end projects.


Finance Section characteristic is well-fitted team of specialists and experts with strong accounting and reporting knowledge. What distinguish the team is perennial experience built based on single experience each employee in different insurance companies. Every day we use this knowledge to create new solutions in projects, we are a team players. Finance Team is involved in group projects and support standard processes in Aviva Group.

Finance Section covers 3 separate teams: Investment Reporting, Finance Reporting and project team dedicated to IFRS17 Data & Systems that performs new solutions and accounting controls required under this international finance reporting standard. Investment Reporting team manage range of assets in Aviva Group portfolio and reports assets under IFRS and Solvency II regime requirements. Finance Reporting team performs Financial Statements for Aviva Group entities also required under IFRS and Solvency II regulations. Additionally team members are involved in project dedicated for IFRS17 requirements characteristic for reinsurance companies in Aviva Group. In our portfolio of skills we have also controlling skill used to support group projects costs controls.

Unique skills of the team are very highly valued by Managers and Colleagues in Aviva Group and our employees have big impact on shape of processes in organization, repeatedly building them from very beginning. We highly value good relations between teams, it is our common gool to shape organization well-matched and valuable, corresponding to Aviva Customer’s needs.

Data Science

ASEC Data Science team works on a wide range of data based tasks: from data processing, analytics, modelling with the usage of Machine Learning and Deep Learning, to data visualisation and dashboards creation. Our project work started with supporting Aviva Health insurance in the UK. As we grew, we started working on fraud detection (UKGI Motor, UKGI Household), customer propensity analysis (UK Life Protection), underwriting processes automation and underwriting dashboard creation (UKGI Commercial Lines, UKGI Personal Lines), group Risk Function support and GI pricing (Aviva Ireland). Right now our main focus is around general insurance claims platform, where we support analytics and modelling as well as setting up systems based on solutions provided by Amazon Web Services. 

Our everyday work supports Aviva Group within each of its strategic priorities. 

Thanks to digitalisation, automation and artificial intelligence value added our work has a direct impact on time and quality of Aviva’s customer journey. It allows for cost optimisation as well. All of this combined results in Aviva growing its competitive advantage.


There are two teams within ASEC that support Group Risk in identification, measurement, management, monitoring and reporting of risk.

Analytics and Capital Modelling (ACM) – a part of the ‘first line’, which develops methods for measurement of risk. ACM supports the Internal Model which is used for deriving the Solvency Capital Requirement (SCR). Additionally, ACM conducts research of the climate risk and carries out comprehensive analysis of other risks.

Independent Validation – a ‘second line’ team, whose core task is to provide independent opinion on the Internal Model and other models material for the Group, to the Board Risk Committee and the PRA.

The members of our teams have deep actuarial, mathematical and statistical knowledge and broad technical understanding of the Group business. In their work they use analytical and programming tools, communicate their findings to stakeholders with varied level of technical expertise, including senior management. Group Risk provides forward looking perspective, supports sharing knowledge across the business, and ensures the business is informed and responds to regulatory developments, hence strengthening protection of customers and shareholders.


The International CISO team supports the Aviva Group in the field of information security risk management. Our mission is to assist the implementation of the business strategy while taking into account the risk related to information security and maintaining an appropriate balance between the required level of security and the costs associated with it.            

The main task of the team is to maintain the required level of information and IT systems security. International CISO team ensures, through a series of policies, standards, procedures and processes, that our customers' data and Aviva's data are technologically and procedurally protected against unauthorized access while simultaneously consistency and availability for all authorized people are ensured. We cooperate with the Group's teams by providing the required solutions flexibly and taking into account the business needs.


The Operations team is responsible for supporting the company's basic operational processes, such as: Office management, Invoice management, Procurement, Contract governance, Car Fleet management or Business Continuity Plan. That is why accuracy, timeliness and good organization is what counts for us. The Operations team also defines standards for procedures and assures proper environment for ASEC business functions to perform their services for the Aviva Group. Our operating culture is based on daily status meetings, weekly planning and regular feedback. We operate flexibly as part of hybrid work. We use proven methodologies such as Kanban, FIFO or huddle as part of the general continuous improvement approach. Every day we care about a good atmosphere and at the same time we try to give a lot of independence in the implementation of tasks, not forgetting about the responsibility for our obligations.


People Team aims to support the whole company. What they really value is professional recruitment and taking care of well-being of ASEC employees. They successfully do it by setting rewarding career paths and development by organising interesting training courses. The People Team also monitors all HR topics, such as payroll, benefits, group insurance and bonuses. They constantly improve Employer Branding and CSR activities. The members of the team are mindful of the importance of diversity and constantly strive to develop our organisational culture. They are diligent in ensuring smooth internal communication. As a result, the team is often the connector in the seamless transfer of information from across the Aviva Group to ASEC, so that you are constantly kept up to date. 

Providing a friendly and effective company atmosphere is a priority for the People Team.