Good Thinking so our industry works for you. Championing responsible investment and challenging how our industry works Responsible investment 

At Aviva we are champions of responsible investment. Not only are our investments supporting the transition to a low-carbon economy but we also use our influence to encourage businesses everywhere to be good ancestors - taking a longer-term view and acting now on the big issues that affect us all. Find out more about responsible investment at Aviva.

Making sustainable choices

As a global asset manager with £289.9bn under management in equities, fixed interest, property and multi asset, Aviva Investors plays a huge role in promoting sustainable business practices across the financial markets. We have a proud history of working together across the business to make sure the environmental, social and governance (ESG) dimensions are considered as part of our investment decision process. We have had a team looking at governance issues since the 1990s and in 2014 were one of the first large global fund managers to integrate environmental, social and governance issues into our investment decision-making across all asset classes.

Active ownership

We also use our influence to encourage the companies we invest in to act responsibly, ensuring we get outcomes that not only benefit our clients, but also the environment and economy as a whole. We vote against companies’ Report and Accounts that fail to report on key ESG matters or perform poorly. We are a founding signatory to the UN Principles for Responsible Investment through which we engage with other investors on big issues like water scarcity and human rights.

Shaping markets for sustainability

We look to support national and international policies that help make financial markets sustainable in the long term. One of our main focuses of this is reducing the impact of climate change. Aviva Investors signed the Montreal Carbon Pledge in 2015, one of the largest asset managers at the time to do so, showing our commitment to publically disclose the carbon footprint of our investment portfolios.

Human rights and business

In December 2014, Aviva Investors, together with five collaborating NGO, investor and research organisations launched the world’s first wide-scale project to rank companies on their human rights performance.

Investing in a low carbon future

In our continuing response to understand climate risk and its economic implications, Aviva has commissioned research from the Economist Intelligence Unit on the value at risk of climate change.