British Red Cross partnership

Protecting people and things you love We know that many of the big issues we face can only be properly understood and tackled together.

In early 2016 we launched a global three year partnership with the British Red Cross to help communities around the world prepare for and respond to disasters.

As part of the partnership we will share our expertise in risk management with the British Red Cross and give our employees the chance to volunteer, and to donate funds during large scale emergencies, which Aviva will then match. As a member of the Disaster Relief Alliance we will also help fund investment in four key areas of Red Cross work globally and in the UK: Preparedness, Response, Recovery, and Innovation.

Together, we aim to ensure communities are better informed, prepared, and therefore more resilient when the next disaster strikes.

Prevention is protection

The best form of protection is prevention. We can’t stop bad weather, but we can help to minimise its impact. We recently helped sponsor the free British Red Cross emergency app. It helps you keep an eye on the risks of severe weather or other emergencies affecting you, your friends and family through alerts and practical advice, as well as handy tools such as a strobe light to attract attention if you are in difficulty. We want to improve our communities’ resilience to severe weather – this is a practical way of doing exactly that.