Good governance

We know the relationship between insurers and their customers has sometimes lacked trust, so it's more important than ever that we do the right thing for our customers. 

Managing risk

We have chosen to accept the risks inherent in our four core business lines and our risk committee oversees all aspects of risk management in the Group.

Human rights


Respect for human rights is embedded in how we do business. In 2015 we updated our group-wide Human Rights policy in accordance with the UN Guiding Principles on Business & Human Rights.

Stakeholder engagement

As a business that’s been around for over 300 years we have learnt to listen hard to our stakeholders and use big data to understand the most significant risks and opportunities.

Supply chain

We work hard to make sure our supply chain is responsible and sustainable. We do thorough checks of suppliers before we begin working with them, and ask that they sign our Supplier Code of Behaviour. We continue to engage them around sustainability issues over time. We also help influence our suppliers to act now around the big issues like climate change.

Business ethics

With trust playing such a vital role in our business, it’s important that we earn it in the right way. We do this largely through our robust business ethics. We ask all employees to confirm they have read, understood and accepted our business ethics code, outlining our commitment to acting responsibly, every year. 98% of Aviva employees signed the code in 2015. 

Governance structure

Our Board-level Governance Committee oversees our responsible and sustainable business strategy and the policies that underpin it. It received regular updates on performance and scrutinises the business. As a company we are subject to the UK Corporate Governance Code (the Code), which we aim to comply with fully.  See our governance structure  (PDF 366.6 KB)

Fighting financial crime

Financial crime can severely impact businesses and increase costs for customers. To tackle this risk every Aviva employee – from the boardroom to our contact centres – receives training on financial crime prevention (e.g. market abuse, anti-money laundering and fraud).

Doing the right thing

We communicate with our customers in a simple, clear and helpful way. Complaints and feedback are taken seriously and investigated thoroughly. We reflect this commitment in our customer business standard. We also see the benefit of digital technology to help customers make good choices. We were the first insurer in the UK to publish transparent customer reviews of our products and services*. (*December 2015: overall rating for home: 4.6 out of 5, overall rating for motor: 4.5 out of 5.)

Good Decisions

Through 2015 we ran a collaborative project called “Good Decisions” to investigate what we could do to ensure we make good decisions more likely at every level of Aviva.