Climate risk and environmental impacts

“There is no greater collective risk we face today than tackling climate change. If we do not take urgent action to limit global temperature increases to within 2°C the impacts upon the economy, society and our business will be nothing short of devastating. Aviva is determined to make its own contribution to tackling climate change. This is not at odds with business or investment. In fact, it is a business imperative.”

Mark Wilson
Chief Executive Officer 

Protecting the environment today is the only way to make sure we can all enjoy a bright and sustainable future. We’re taking action to reduce the environmental impact of our business and finding new ways to help people act now on climate change.

Acting now for a sustainable future

As a company we strive to create a positive legacy by being good ancestors. Climate change is one of the biggest issues of our time and new ideas are badly needed to help people take action to reduce the risks it poses to our customers, and in turn our business. We know we’re not going to get there overnight. But we’re confident that if we work together and develop bright ideas, we’ll go further than ever before.

Taking action on big issues

We're doing this by working with policy-makers and regulators in partnership to address these risks, which is even more pressing following the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in Paris in 2015 which set ambitious goals for cutting harmful CO2 emissions globally. We’re also using research to understand the issue and its implications, such as the Economist Intelligence Unit report that Aviva commissioned recognising the value at risk from climate change. And we’re reducing our own environmental impacts by improving energy efficiency. We're proud to have become the first carbon neutral international insurer in 2006. This legacy continues as we still offset any remaining carbon emissions from our operations to this day. Bright ideas such as our offsetting projects have benefited over 800,000 people since 2012, improving health and livelihoods through actions like provision of clean cook-stoves in Kenya.


We are acting now for tomorrow by reducing the environmental impact of our business through energy efficiency, clever use of technology and on-site renewable electricity generation.

Products and services

Through our products and services we aim to protect our customers against the impacts of climate change, minimise the environmental impact of our claims process and provide energy efficient replacements to help reduce customers' long-term energy costs.

Climate risk

We’re using our expertise to inspire action on climate change though our supply chains, our research, our work with policymakers and by providing tools to help reduce the impacts of climate change.