Wayne John Searle Memorial Recreation Playground: 

An ACF Canada winner

Once the vibrant centre of the community, the Wayne John Searle Memorial Recreation Playground had fallen silent in recent years. Whilst well-kept, the lacklustre playground had lost its fun and energy, consisting of just rusty monkey bars and a tired looking slide. However, living on a remote island, the expense of transporting the already costly playground equipment made their dreams to spruce up the play area a seemingly impossible task. They were therefore delighted to be named winners of the Aviva Community Fund to help them create a playground full of fun that is safe and accessible for children of all ages and abilities.

Now the funding is in place, the playground will shortly be receiving a make-over. Pride of place will be a wheelchair accessible swing in memory of Wayne John, the young man who the playground is named after. While he never complained, he was never able to use the playground equipment, despite enjoying being around all of the fun the other children used to have.

It is hoped the playground will further strengthen the community, having a positive impact of the children’s creativity and independence, helping them make friends, build their confidence and enjoy the freedom and fun of play.

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