Future Prosperity Panel

Jane Fuller

Co-director - Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation

Jane Fuller is co-director of the Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation, an independent think-tank that promotes debate on the future of financial services. She is also the director of Fuller Analysis, an independent consultancy that she founded after leaving the Financial Times in 2005. Jane spent more than 18 years working at the FT, culminating in the role of financial editor, head of the companies and markets section.

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Summary of essay

Savers in many developed economies have been receiving some very mixed messages since the financial crisis began in 2007. The decline of pension schemes increasingly means that people have to take responsibility for funding their retirement. Saving must be made a more attractive proposition, which requires a change in attitude on the part of both the public and the financial services industry.

A connection has to be made between saving and prosperity: how it supports investment in business infrastructure. People need to understand where their money is going - and increasingly to control this. Creating a feeling of engagement between the providers and recipients of funds, supporting "do-it-yourself" finance, and focusing on the destination of the funds can all help.

Transparent, low-cost products should allow consumers to invest across a range of themes, alongside the professionals. Customers ought to be given what they want at the best possible price, whilst being able to mix their pursuit of a commercial return with investments in causes they truly believe in.