Information on what and how we communicate and the option to sign up for electronic communications

Aviva uses website communication as the primary method of communicating with its shareholders. There are several benefits in sending communications in this way:

  • It’s environmentally responsible: and consistent with Aviva’s commitment to respect the environment. By not printing hard copy reports, we could save around 30 tonnes of paper each year and reduce harmful greenhouse gases.
  • It’s cost effective: less printing and postage saves money for Aviva and shareholders.
  • It’s fast: you can access all the latest shareholder communications simply by clicking on a link, and you will be able to view documents the day they are published on
  • It’s more secure: your documents cannot be lost in the post.

Register to receive communications from us by e-mail by registering on the Computershare Investor Centre and updating your communication preferences.

What will we send you?

Aviva is required to prepare and distribute the following documents:

  • Annual Report and Accounts is produced in accordance with UK requirements
  • Strategic Report – The Strategic Report forms part of the Annual Report and Accounts but shareholders can choose to receive Aviva's standalone Strategic Report as an alternative to the Full Report and Accounts. This is a shorter document that sets out a review of Aviva’s business by addressing key issues such as: its business model; strategy; and principal risks and uncertainties facing the business. It also includes information on environmental matters and employees; social, community and human rights issues; and gender diversity within the business.
  • Notice of Annual General Meeting and details of how to vote on the resolutions to be considered at the Annual General Meeting (for ordinary and ADR holders only).

In addition, Aviva announces financial results on a quarterly basis and these can also be viewed on our website. There is no statutory requirement for Aviva to provide hard copies of the results to shareholders or to send you a notification each time they are published. Details of when these announcements will be available can be found on our Financial Calendar .

Shareholders with preference shares in General Accident are entitled to receive General Accident’s Annual Report and Accounts.

How will each document be sent to you?

Each time we publish a document that we are required to circulate to shareholders we will either:

  • send you an e-mail if we have your e-mail address;
  • send you a paper copy of the document if you have specifically requested hard copies or you are a certificated holder and you have not previously been asked how you wish to receive shareholder documents; or
  • send you a paper notification of the publication and a link to where you can find the document on our website in the post if you have neither provided an e-mail address nor responded to a request to confirm how you wish to receive future documentation.

You may change the way you receive shareholder documents at any time by contacting Computershare for ordinary and preference shareholders or Citi for ADR holders.